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Multitasking Like a Boss: Cleaning the car inside and out

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Confession: I am absolutely TERRIBLE about routine car maintenance.  I know I am supposed to check my oil, I know I am supposed to read my owner's manual to read the manufacturer's recommendations, I know I am supposed to change my oil, air filter, oil filter, tire pressure, rotate tires, etc.  I KNOW. I KNOW.  It's time consuming and I kinda sorta often forget until I look up at the reminder sticker and say UH OH! I don't enjoy going to get an oil change - it's a time suck.  I have been getting my oil changes done at Walmart for a few years because I can kill multiple birds with one stone. Convenience and saving money= a happy mom.

Family Movie Night: The Boxtrolls and Snickerdoodle Popcorn Recipe

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Family Movie Night: The Boxtrolls and Snickerdoodle Popcorn Recipe

As a single parent, it seems like I am always with my daughter when I am not at work but when I re-evaluated the time spent, I realized it wasn't really quality down time. 

Quality family time is important.  

Actually, it's crucial.  One of my goals for 2015 is to have more mother-daughter quality time.  Away from therapy appointments, away from work, work and more work.

Since it's just Em and I, I have been trying to get creative with finding something fun and meaningful for us to do together.   She's a preteen and these times are incredibly important for the two of us.  These are also perfect moments to also teach her some self help skills and to talk about what is happening in her life. 

Family Movie Night: The Boxtrolls and Snickerdoodle Popcorn Recipe

What is a better moment together than making snickerdoodle popcorn and watching The Boxtrolls together?

Tropical Vanilla Protein Shake (Vegan)

Tropical Vanilla Protein Shake (Vegan)
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New year, new me! Who else is out there is planning lifestyle changes to improve their health with the same level of enthusiasm as winning a major award? (Please tell me you get it! Please! No? FINE.  The dad from A Christmas Story winning the lamp- it's a MAJOR AWARD!).  I had an epiphany last year about my health.  Actually, not really an epiphany but a moment that shocked me.  The fact that my age is finally catching up to me.  The ability to move and jump just ain't happening anymore.

Giveaway! 2 Tickets for Phoenix LEGO KidsFest!

Any Lego lovers in the house? Everything is awesome! First off- how awesome is it that the LEGO KidsFest is right around the corner?!

There are so many EXCITING events planned for the KidsFest that it's mindboggling and ANY LEGO lover will be over the moon! A LEGO model museum, LEGO Mindstorms, race ramps, and many more.  It's going to be a load of fun. 

Did you know that MORE than 4 BILLION (Yes, with a B) LEGO bricks have been produced since 1949? Seriously... let that process for a minute! LEGO is STILL one of the HOTTEST toys not only for kids but grown up kids.  I won't admit here that I want a StarWarsLEGOset.  Shhhhh. That's between us, right?

Welcome 2015! (goals for the new year and why it's going to be a great year!)

It's time for my 2015 post.  Yes, yes, yes... there are thousands of these posts and mine will not be unique.  I took the last few weeks off from blogging (besides the posts that I was contracted to have posted on specific dates) to really think about where I want this blog to go in 2015.  I have a lot of ideas and am definitely motivated to get my ideas into place but it's going to take a lot of focus, organization and planning on my end.

I am really excited about what is in store for 2015.  I love when January 1st rolls around.  It's not so much about resolutions but about it being the baseline for a new set of goals, to review the last year's achievements.  I have a few goals set for each quarter, for the year end and five year goals.

Personal Goals 
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