Family Movie Night: The Boxtrolls and Snickerdoodle Popcorn Recipe

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Family Movie Night: The Boxtrolls and Snickerdoodle Popcorn Recipe

As a single parent, it seems like I am always with my daughter when I am not at work but when I re-evaluated the time spent, I realized it wasn't really quality down time. 

Quality family time is important.  

Actually, it's crucial.  One of my goals for 2015 is to have more mother-daughter quality time.  Away from therapy appointments, away from work, work and more work.

Since it's just Em and I, I have been trying to get creative with finding something fun and meaningful for us to do together.   She's a preteen and these times are incredibly important for the two of us.  These are also perfect moments to also teach her some self help skills and to talk about what is happening in her life. 

Family Movie Night: The Boxtrolls and Snickerdoodle Popcorn Recipe

What is a better moment together than making snickerdoodle popcorn and watching The Boxtrolls together?

Family Movie Night: The Boxtrolls and Snickerdoodle Popcorn Recipe

We are total movie nerds in this casa.  We missed The Boxtrolls when it was playing in the theaters but when we saw the previews, we were super excited and knew we had to see it.  We are already huge fans of Coraline and Paranorman and since they're from the same makers, it was already a must own for us.  The Boxtrolls released on January 20th and you know, we went to Walmart to pick up a copy and some Pop Secret, naturally.
Due to Em's physical limitations (left side of her body is paralyzed), an easy and fun popcorn snack is perfect.  She can help me and she is proud that she helped! We all know that when kids are allowed to assist, they get a self esteem boost and of course, the food tastes so much better because THEY made it.  This "snickerdoodle" popcorn is extremely easy and something that kids of all abilities can help with! It's an easy way to encourage motor skills, self help skills AND get your kids talking while laughing and having fun.

Family Movie Night: The Boxtrolls and Snickerdoodle Popcorn Recipe

I let her sprinkle the cinnamon sugar on the popcorn, stir the mix, then drizzle the melted cinnamon/white chocolate mix and put the popcorn in boxes.  Done and done.  

Family Movie Night: The Boxtrolls and Snickerdoodle Popcorn Recipe

Snickerdoodle Popcorn
inspired by Picky-Palate

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3 bags of Pop Secret Homestyle Popcorn
6 tbs of melted butter
1 cup of sugar (I used white granulated sugar)
3 tbps of cinnamon
1/2 cup of cinnamon chips 
1/2 cup of white chocolate chips

Step 1. I mixed the sugar and cinnamon together first (I put it in a shaker container and shake it up.  Perfect task for children to do!)

Step 2. Pop popcorn per package instructions and pour into a large mixing bowl.

Step 3. Pour melted butter over popcorn.

Step 4. Pour cinnamon sugar mix over popcorn and stir to mix and put popcorn onto a large cookie sheet.  (alternatively, you can put it all in a large ziploc bag and shake it up)

Step 5.  Melt cinnamon and white chocolate chips together in the microwave until smooth.  I stop the microwave every 20 seconds to stir.  Once completely smooth, I remove it.  Each microwave varies, mine heats really fast so I have to stay on top of it.  Of course, you can use a double boiler.

Step 6.  Drizzle Cinnamon/White Chocolate over popcorn.  Allow to sit for at least 30 minutes (will harden).

Step 7- Enjoy!

The Boxtrolls + Snickerdoodle popcorn = a perfect family movie night.

I can't say it enough- GO GET THE BOXTROLLS AT WALMART! It's such a GOOD movie.  We loved it! The stop-motion animation was amazing, the storyline was excellent and The Boxtrolls are absolutely adorable.  The movie also provides many great talking points to provide a great after movie discussion! And of course, don't forget the popcorn! You can grab a 10 count box of Home-style or Movie Theatre Butter Pop Secret while you're there, while supplies last!

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How do you find time for special, quality time?
What special mother+daughter time do you create?
What is your favorite moment with your child?

I would love to know!

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