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Honey Bacon Brussels Sprouts Recipe with Barber Foods Stuffed Broccoli & Cheese Chicken

Believe it or not, brussels sprouts are absolutely magical and paired with the perfect (and easy) chicken, even the kids will devour them! I know my daughter had ZERO complaints between Barber Foods' Broccoli & Cheese Stuffed Chicken and the honey bacon brussels sprouts.

Honey Bacon Brussels Sprouts Recipe

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For years, I called them and wrote them as "brussel" sprouts and thought autocorrect was a liar.  I knew of the city Brussels but didn't think that the aforementioned sprouts were Brussels.  It's all been a LIE all these years.  I *finally* googled it and I did the digital walk of shame.  

Review: MegaFood Kids Nutrient Boosting Powders

Having a child with brain damage can create some challenges with making sure she is getting enough vitamins, minerals and other healthy essentials in her body.  She's extremely picky over what she will eat.  

I am really excited to introduce you to MegaFood Fresh Farm to Powder Kids Nutrient Boosting Powders.

Review: MegaFood Kids Nutrient Boosting Powders

Back to School Time + What Do Our Kids Think (+Giveaway!)

This post is sponsored in partnership with The Motherhood and Office Depot® OfficeMax®. All thoughts are my own.

I still can not believe my baby is 13.  13.  It just seems like yesterday she was just learning to walk and now not only is she 13, she's in her last year of elementary school.  I am seriously emotional.  

This last year has been HUGE for Em.  

One Pot Spicy Rotini Pasta

This one pot spicy rotini pasta is so flavorful thanks to the hot Italian sausage complimented by a thick and heart traditional pasta sauce.  On the table in less than 30 minutes!

One Pot Spicy Rotini Pasta
Thank you to Ragu for sponsoring this post and providing a delicious sauce! All thoughts are mine alone!

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