One Pot Spicy Rotini Pasta

This one pot spicy rotini pasta is so flavorful thanks to the hot Italian sausage complimented by a thick and heart traditional pasta sauce.  On the table in less than 30 minutes!

One Pot Spicy Rotini Pasta
Thank you to Ragu for sponsoring this post and providing a delicious sauce! All thoughts are mine alone!

How was your Labor Day weekend? I spent it relaxing since my car was in for some overdue maintenance, catching up on American Horror Story (OMG! I loooooved Coven! Now, I am on "Freak Show" and Twisty gives me nightmares haha) and FINALLY getting around to creating a recipe for my blog.  I've slacked and it's all good.  I have been on major overtime at my day job and I have been exhausted by the time I get off and the thought of being in front of my computer wasn't appealing.  

For complete transparency, the thought of cooking has been far from my mind.  Well, not the ACT of cooking but the clean up part.  Oh and PREPPING.  Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

So, one thing that has been a lifesaver? 

One pot meals.  

No extra pans to mess with and wash.  One and done.  That's what I call sweet.

This one pot spicy rotini pasta is ridiculously easy.  

Hot Italian sausage, rotini, Homestyle Ragu Thick & Hearty Traditional, rotini, beef broth, add some veggies if you want and garnish.  Delicious.  And done in less than 30 minutes.

One Pot Spicy Rotini Pasta

Y'all already know I am a HUGE fan of Ragu's new Homestyle pasta sauce since I featured it in this creamy slow cooker spaghetti & meatballs recipe.  I just love it.  The flavor, texture, and quality are outstanding.  I have tried to make my own pasta sauce and honestly? I can't get it right.  Because of that, my pantry has six jars of Homestyle Ragu.  I keep the Thick & Hearty Traditional, Roasted Garlic and Four Cheese on hand at all times.  It's versatile and tastes AHHHHMAZING.  

I can't recommend it enough.  I am not even exaggerating. Haha.

Now, on to the One Pot Spicy Rotini Recipe.  


16 oz Hot Italian Sausage
16 oz dry rotini
1 jar of pasta sauce (I highly recommend the Thick & Hearty traditional from Ragu Homestyle)
Beef broth (instructions on amount to follow)
Optional: mushrooms, zucchini, shredded parmesan, and parsley)


1.  Brown sausage in large pan (I used my 5 qt chili pot like this one but you can use a dutch oven or any large sauce pan) and drain extra grease off.  If using veggies, saute them at this time.

2. Add rotini and pasta sauce.  Next, add enough beef broth to completely cover pasta and stir to coat.

3.  Cover pan, cook at low-medium for 10 minutes.  

4.  Turn off heat and let sit another 5 minutes (with lid on) to allow the pasta to absorb any extra liquid.

5.  Done! Garnish with parmesan and parsley, if desired!

One Pot Spicy Rotini Pasta

One Pot Spicy Rotini Pasta

Do you make one pot meals? What is your favorite?

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