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Where to find quality essential oils

Where to find quality essential oils
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Essential oils are HUGE and for a good reason.  

I am not a "crunchy" girl by any stretch of the imagination but I do like to mix holistic and modern approaches to my health.  I have also been making switches to using green products and have been trying to eat clean (ugh! My biggest struggle!).  However, I have fallen in love with essential oils.   

Mini Tacos Bites with Black Bean & Fire Roasted Corn Salsa

These Mini Tacos Bites with Black Bean & Fire Roasted Corn Salsa are the PERFECT addition to any party, movie night, or potluck

Mini Tacos Bites with Black Bean & Fire Roasted Corn Salsa

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Have I ever told you that I have a friend who calls me "Beans"? I met her in a college math class.  One day we met to study together in the college cafe and out of nowhere we heard a random lady very excitedly exclaiming "Beans! I have beans!!!!".  I mean, she was VERY excited about her bowl of beans and we haven't stopped giggling about it. The thing is- I love beans and I guess the nickname is quite fitting.  Haha.  

Road Trip Must-Haves

Road Trip Must-Haves

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Summer and road trips go together like macaroni & cheese.  There's nothing better than hitting the open road and going on an adventure.  Traveling and creating memories is what life is for.  

Of course, when traveling there are some must-haves for every road trip.  

Stylish Hostess Gifts (FREE from Grove Collaborative)

What does your calendar look like this summer? Ours is already filling up with barbecues, pool parties, and lots of other fun events to attend.

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Whenever I go to one of these gatherings, I don’t like to show up empty-handed. However, finding the right hostess gift is always harder than it looks!

How do you do, OREO?

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I won't pretend I don't love OREO cookies because I just can't lie.  They are a weakness.   After all, I did JUST post an OREO cookie recipe (seriously, make these cookies- 
the recipe is here -- Chocolate Chip OREO Cake Mix Cookies)

My favorite, hands down, is the lemon OREO cookie.  The golden cookie with the lemony creme- ermagherd.  Amazing. 
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