Jaime Loves Stuff : January 2013

Some Hall & Oates

I am such a sucker for Hall and Oates. Maybe it's the hair. Dunno. Alas, it is Sunday and it's time for a musical mental health moment. I am also such a huge sucker for cover music. Well. Good cover music. Snoop Dogg's cover of Metallica is still bothering me. Ha. At least Snoop was cool and rolling with the metal. I am in love with the Bird and the Bee, mostly their "Interpreting the Masters" album. They cover Hall & Oates' hits. Inara George's voice is insanely smooth. Amazing. Here's a live performance with John Oates. God. I want to see the Bird and the Bee live. Heck. With Oates, too? Gimmesome!


Friends. Bloggers. Evil geniuses (kidding). I love, love to network. If you would like me to put your button on my blog, let me know! I will have mine up soon. I am really working very hard (behind the scenes) to rebuild my blog's status and bring it back to life! Love you all!


Stationery card
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I haven't played around on Shutterfly too much. I decided that part of my "frugal" ways for 2013, I will use my camera (Canon DSLR) more often and take my photography to a good level (It's very mediocre at this point). I am the WORST procrastinator when it comes to Christmas cards. I haven't sent any out. However.... how about 2013 cards? Totally. Isn't it cute? I can't wait to use Shutterfly more!

 **disclaimer** This isn't a sponsored product review. I am posting my own thoughts on this. However, Shutterfly has a promo that once you post your project, you get a special code! Yay!

Cafe Rio Chicken Recipe

I have never eaten at Cafe Rio. I have seen the recipes all over the blog world and have been tempted. I am a fan of Chipotle and I hear Cafe Rio is as good, if not better. Don't get me wrong, I do not put these in the category of "traditional" Mexican food. I wouldn't do that. That's just silly. I do love traditional mexican food but I won't lie, I love Chipotle. So good. I put this in the category of "delicious" food.

Bzzzzzzz!!! Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream Review

Have you ever heard of BzzAgent? If not. You need to. I love Bzzagent! Bzzagent allows agents to try out products to spread the word! I have been a member for a few years but haven't been as active with blogging about the products (Instagram, yes. Twitter, yes. Facebook, yes. Blog? No.). However, this is part of my new year's goal (to blog more).

 I was given the chance to try out Neutrogena's Norwegian hand cream. This product came at a perfect time. The winter is Phoenix doesn't get as cold as most places but we do get very dry. This past week, I have been EXTREMELY dry. To the point I am itching constantly. It's maddening. So, to get a chance to try the Norwegian formula I was very excited! The product states to only put a small amount and that should be plenty. I have to say, the greasy feeling was a put off. At first. Once it is absorbed, my hands felt so soft and moisturized. It's been two hours since I put it on my hands and they are still moist. I give this hand cream both MOISTURIZED thumbs up!

Welcome 2013!

Call me silly but I love a new year! I won't go into my lackluster childhood but as an adult, I can experience everything I've ever wanted. Ok. Almost. However, I have the control. As we all know only we are in control of our destinies. The new year feels like a fresh start. It's like spring... for the soul! At least it is for me.

 As I think about what I want to accomplish and the goals I wish to set, I try to think about the goals that I've set previously and whether or not I have succeeded. It doesn't look like I wrote anything about the 2011 or 2012 year. Ouch. Again, that was a patch of time I just wasn't putting any effort into blogging. However, for the 2010 year I did set some goals. I wanted to become more patient. Which I have. I have worked VERY hard on being more patient and I am not where I want to be but I am getting there! I also had a goal to find stable employment. I have. I just celebrated my third anniversary with my company! I wanted Emma out of her wheelchair and she is! She started walking when she was 5 but still needed a chair for transporting and for long distances. Now? She's almost completely independent.

 Failures. She's STILL not potty trained. She's ALMOST there. Yay! I am still mostly housebound. Take Emma to therapies at 7 am. Drop her off at school. Go to work until 5:30. Emma comes home at 6:30 (after school program). Rush dinner, showers, bed time and down time. Oh and let's not forget about when I need to read and do homework. Ouch. Doesn't leave much a social life, does it? I did, however, want to get Emma more involved and I have! With KEEN and ballet. It's more than we normally do! I am still not eating all that healthy...

The year 2013, I turn 35. On January 10, to be exact. It's supposed to be pivotal birthday. I plan this to be a great year.

What about you?  Do you have any goals, wishes, dreams, aspirations,etc. for this year? 

 Here are my goals:

 1. Less eating out. (It's so easy to hit a drive thru for lunch at work! However, it's so expensive! I will also eat healthier) 
2. Fixing myself up more. Seriously. You should see me most days. They're lucky I brush my hair.
 3. Better time management. With school, Emma, and work... I'm a mess.
 4. Declutter.
 5. Set a blogging goal. Whether it's once a week or just twice a month.
 6. Open my business on Etsy this spring. 
8. Once a month: Go out with friends for dinner, drinks, coffee, whatever! 
9. Join a meetup and GO. 
10. I finish my degree this year and am taking one semester off before going to grad school. It's time I start dating again. I think I am ready.
11.  Make it home to Kansas to visit family and friends.  
12.  Disneyland.
13. Get more active- exercise, community, etc.  I am trying this again!   
14.  Take more photos.  Seriously.  

Through the years:
Me and my sister in 2004

My friend J, my niece A and myself in 2003

Emma and I 2003

Emma and I at the Wildlife World Zoo in 2007

Child Abuse Prevention March in 2010

Emma and I at the Farm at South Mountain 2010

And of course, us December 2012 right before the Nutcracker performance


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