Bzzzzzzz!!! Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream Review

Have you ever heard of BzzAgent? If not. You need to. I love Bzzagent! Bzzagent allows agents to try out products to spread the word! I have been a member for a few years but haven't been as active with blogging about the products (Instagram, yes. Twitter, yes. Facebook, yes. Blog? No.). However, this is part of my new year's goal (to blog more).

 I was given the chance to try out Neutrogena's Norwegian hand cream. This product came at a perfect time. The winter is Phoenix doesn't get as cold as most places but we do get very dry. This past week, I have been EXTREMELY dry. To the point I am itching constantly. It's maddening. So, to get a chance to try the Norwegian formula I was very excited! The product states to only put a small amount and that should be plenty. I have to say, the greasy feeling was a put off. At first. Once it is absorbed, my hands felt so soft and moisturized. It's been two hours since I put it on my hands and they are still moist. I give this hand cream both MOISTURIZED thumbs up!

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