Some Hall & Oates

I am such a sucker for Hall and Oates. Maybe it's the hair. Dunno. Alas, it is Sunday and it's time for a musical mental health moment. I am also such a huge sucker for cover music. Well. Good cover music. Snoop Dogg's cover of Metallica is still bothering me. Ha. At least Snoop was cool and rolling with the metal. I am in love with the Bird and the Bee, mostly their "Interpreting the Masters" album. They cover Hall & Oates' hits. Inara George's voice is insanely smooth. Amazing. Here's a live performance with John Oates. God. I want to see the Bird and the Bee live. Heck. With Oates, too? Gimmesome!


  1. Hall and Oates are one of my guilty pleasures! And yes, I think part of it is the hair! :)

  2. I LOVED Hall and Oats back in the day :)

  3. @Sheila... pffffttt back in the day? How about still do? LOL


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