Welcome 2013!

Call me silly but I love a new year! I won't go into my lackluster childhood but as an adult, I can experience everything I've ever wanted. Ok. Almost. However, I have the control. As we all know only we are in control of our destinies. The new year feels like a fresh start. It's like spring... for the soul! At least it is for me.

 As I think about what I want to accomplish and the goals I wish to set, I try to think about the goals that I've set previously and whether or not I have succeeded. It doesn't look like I wrote anything about the 2011 or 2012 year. Ouch. Again, that was a patch of time I just wasn't putting any effort into blogging. However, for the 2010 year I did set some goals. I wanted to become more patient. Which I have. I have worked VERY hard on being more patient and I am not where I want to be but I am getting there! I also had a goal to find stable employment. I have. I just celebrated my third anniversary with my company! I wanted Emma out of her wheelchair and she is! She started walking when she was 5 but still needed a chair for transporting and for long distances. Now? She's almost completely independent.

 Failures. She's STILL not potty trained. She's ALMOST there. Yay! I am still mostly housebound. Take Emma to therapies at 7 am. Drop her off at school. Go to work until 5:30. Emma comes home at 6:30 (after school program). Rush dinner, showers, bed time and down time. Oh and let's not forget about when I need to read and do homework. Ouch. Doesn't leave much a social life, does it? I did, however, want to get Emma more involved and I have! With KEEN and ballet. It's more than we normally do! I am still not eating all that healthy...

The year 2013, I turn 35. On January 10, to be exact. It's supposed to be pivotal birthday. I plan this to be a great year.

What about you?  Do you have any goals, wishes, dreams, aspirations,etc. for this year? 

 Here are my goals:

 1. Less eating out. (It's so easy to hit a drive thru for lunch at work! However, it's so expensive! I will also eat healthier) 
2. Fixing myself up more. Seriously. You should see me most days. They're lucky I brush my hair.
 3. Better time management. With school, Emma, and work... I'm a mess.
 4. Declutter.
 5. Set a blogging goal. Whether it's once a week or just twice a month.
 6. Open my business on Etsy this spring. 
8. Once a month: Go out with friends for dinner, drinks, coffee, whatever! 
9. Join a meetup and GO. 
10. I finish my degree this year and am taking one semester off before going to grad school. It's time I start dating again. I think I am ready.
11.  Make it home to Kansas to visit family and friends.  
12.  Disneyland.
13. Get more active- exercise, community, etc.  I am trying this again!   
14.  Take more photos.  Seriously.  

Through the years:
Me and my sister in 2004

My friend J, my niece A and myself in 2003

Emma and I 2003

Emma and I at the Wildlife World Zoo in 2007

Child Abuse Prevention March in 2010

Emma and I at the Farm at South Mountain 2010

And of course, us December 2012 right before the Nutcracker performance


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