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A BzzAgent that is!

Check out bzzagent! It's pretty awesome and I love that you can try new products and services at no cost and spread the word of a product you love or loathe!

Frogpond Badge

Well....You can finally get Ocean Front Property in Arizona!

I figured it out! LOL. I finally figured out how to merge my two other blogs! Yay. Apparently, there is this nifty Import and Export tool under the settings tab! Yay!

Ok! On to the Phoenix Anomaly. We got hail. 


I am from Kansas, I expect a storm like this from Kansas but from Phoenix? NEVER! Isn't it wild? I have been here for 14 years and I have learned to enjoy the monsoon storms but hail? I haven't seen hail in 15 years. It was wild! I loved it! Phoenicians aren't built for this and well, let's just say most people thought their hail riddled cars were totaled! Hahaha. Enjoy the photos!


Good morning to all you rays of sunshine out there in Blog Land! How are you? I hope everybody is doing fantastic!

I just have a question, I have three blogs. I started them with a vision and well that vision went from clear to blurry to blind, lol. I want to merge the three in to one blog. Do you know how? Is that possible without losing the content?

Thanks in advance!

By the way, I have discovered a GEM! A true GEM! A book of course, it's called Flamingo Fatale by Jimmie Ruth Evans. It's book one of the Trailer Park Mysteries. I am on a cozy mystery binge right now and loving it!

I also just finished Secondhand Spirits by Juliet Blackwell and well, it was awesome! I will post my thoughts on it soon!

Upcoming CSN Stores Review!

Many of you in the blogiverse may or may not already be aware of the amazing CSN stores and their over 200 stores with a stock ranging from kitchenware to bedding to cheap bedroom furniture. Every time I visit one of their sites I am always amazed at #1 the selection and #2 the prices. The prices are amazingly low and they even will meet or beat a competitor's price. Their customer service is outstanding and shipping is generally free. I always love the opportunity to work with CSN Stores!

Check out this GORGEOUS bedroom set. I think this may be something Emma would love for when she gets older and would last for many years. It's timeless! Hmmmm may have to start saving up! LOL

This Christmas is going to be a very difficult one financially for me, and I know to many of you out there it will be a tough one too. Emma turned 7 in August and I am finding she is getting to be increasingly difficult to buy for now. One thing I did learn is that she loves it when I change her bedding and "decorate" her room and I am thinking that will be what I am going to do for her this Christmas: decorate her room with the gift card that CSN is supplying me with will make it easier. Plus at school, she won a $50 gift card to Toys-R-Us from the cookie fundraiser we did (My coworkers ROCK!)

So this is the bedding set I found on CSN that I really think Emma will adore, she is a total girly girl and loves her pink!

I am really excited to decorate her room, thanks to CSN!

Bountiful Baskets Produce Coop!

Have you ever heard of Bountiful Baskets? If not, check them out! BB is a NOT a CSA program but a produce coop and allows you to obtain produce at a substantial savings. Here is the website for more information: http://bountifulbaskets.org/ If you don't see it available in your state, maybe you can set something up! They love to expand!

I normally participate as long as I have another person to go in on it with me as the conventional baskets provide more than Emma and I can consume before going bad! This time I didn't have anybody but I am set on making sure we don't waste anything! Here's my BOUNTY!!!

I purchased the conventional basket which is one basket of fruit and one of vegetables for $15. There are times that they have special add ons available and this week it was an Italian pack for $7.50! Plus $1.50 service charge. All of what you see for $24!! Insane savings!


Pillsbury Sweet Moments Giveaway!

Winner is:

shirley said...

Follow Pillsbury on twitter@countrynest
October 30, 2010 7:54 AM

Thank you to all who entered and keep your eyes open for more giveaways! Winner was picked by random.org and has been emailed!

We all work ourselves to the bone, that's the truth! Sometimes we just need a moment to relax, unwind and spoil ourselves. Whether we are male or female, parents or not, employed or unemployed, we are all exhausted and just need a moment to ourselves.

Well thanks to Pillsbury provided through Myblogspark, I was given the opportunity to pamper myself for a day. Who doesn't love chocolate?! How about ready made brownie bites available in your refrigerator aisle form Pillsbury Sweet Moments? And how about a bubble bath with chocolate scented bath products? I did. I was able to unwind and pamper myself for a night after Emma was asleep. I took a long shower with a chocolate scented body wash and slathered on chocolate scented lotion. Sat down and watched Lark Rise To Candleford (Season 2!) and munched on the Caramel brownie bites! OMG! These are YUMMY!!!!!!

How about the opportunity to pamper yourself, too? Guess what? You can! Pillsbury provided me with the free product, information, and prize pack through MyBlogSpark. Aren't you excited?! I am! This is an amazing prize pack and you will LOVE IT! The prize pack will contain a coupon for a free product of Pillsbury Sweet Moments and the spa set!

Here are the rules!

1) USA Only
2) No PO Boxes

To enter:

Please include your email address with your entry. You need to be a follower of my blog!

If you would like to earn extra entries (I normally don't do this but I have let my blog go stale and need to reestablish myself!):
Please do these on SEPARATE entries or it will only be counted as one entry!

1: Follow Pillsbury on Facebook and reference on their wall that you found them through me!

2: Follow Pillsbury on Twitter and let me know!

3: Tweet this giveaway @historyslover #mbsspark and leave the link!

4: Blog about this giveaway and post the link!

5: Follow my other blogs: http://frugalgreenglutenfreemom.blogspot.com/ and http://strongmomofaspecialneedsdaughter.blogspot.com/

Thank you and GOOD LUCK!

Giveaway will close on Halloween and winner chose November 1 via random.org and will be notified via email!

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