Well....You can finally get Ocean Front Property in Arizona!

I figured it out! LOL. I finally figured out how to merge my two other blogs! Yay. Apparently, there is this nifty Import and Export tool under the settings tab! Yay!

Ok! On to the Phoenix Anomaly. We got hail. 


I am from Kansas, I expect a storm like this from Kansas but from Phoenix? NEVER! Isn't it wild? I have been here for 14 years and I have learned to enjoy the monsoon storms but hail? I haven't seen hail in 15 years. It was wild! I loved it! Phoenicians aren't built for this and well, let's just say most people thought their hail riddled cars were totaled! Hahaha. Enjoy the photos!


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    HAIL! WOW!

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  2. I must say that I love a good hail storm, especially if I'm comfotably inside and my car is under some kind of protection. I just like the noise for some reason.


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