Upcoming CSN Stores Review!

Many of you in the blogiverse may or may not already be aware of the amazing CSN stores and their over 200 stores with a stock ranging from kitchenware to bedding to cheap bedroom furniture. Every time I visit one of their sites I am always amazed at #1 the selection and #2 the prices. The prices are amazingly low and they even will meet or beat a competitor's price. Their customer service is outstanding and shipping is generally free. I always love the opportunity to work with CSN Stores!

Check out this GORGEOUS bedroom set. I think this may be something Emma would love for when she gets older and would last for many years. It's timeless! Hmmmm may have to start saving up! LOL

This Christmas is going to be a very difficult one financially for me, and I know to many of you out there it will be a tough one too. Emma turned 7 in August and I am finding she is getting to be increasingly difficult to buy for now. One thing I did learn is that she loves it when I change her bedding and "decorate" her room and I am thinking that will be what I am going to do for her this Christmas: decorate her room with the gift card that CSN is supplying me with will make it easier. Plus at school, she won a $50 gift card to Toys-R-Us from the cookie fundraiser we did (My coworkers ROCK!)

So this is the bedding set I found on CSN that I really think Emma will adore, she is a total girly girl and loves her pink!

I am really excited to decorate her room, thanks to CSN!

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