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Buttered Peaches with Vanilla Bean Frozen Yogurt

There are two things that every summer is required to have: in season peaches and frozen yogurt. Am I right? Of course I am *wink wink*

Today’s post is sponsored by TCBY, by my love for their frozen yogurt is all my own!
I remember going to TCBY for frozen yogurt as a kid and it was soooo good.  I haven't had it since I left Kansas 20 years ago and when I heard that TCBY was available in the freezer aisle, I screamed.

Memories came rushing back to me and they all made me smile.  TCBY was one of those special treats and when you got to go, it was so exciting and you savored every. single. creamy. bite.

What else goes with classic vanilla bean frozen yogurt?

Buttered peaches.

Back to School Tips #MoreMinutes (And $20 Paypal Giveaway!)

Thank you to Great Clips for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to try Online Check-In and save #MoreMinutes for the stuff I love!

When do your children return back to school? Our schools go back in less than a month! Eeks! Is it just me or does time seem to move faster when you get older?

Since Em has a traumatic brain injury, changes are much harder on her than others.  I start preparing her 3-4 weeks ahead of time when I know there will be a major change (i.e., the end of school meant the start of summer program and although she is excited for it, it's still rough!)

These are the things that I do to start preparing her for Back To School Time.

1.  Bedtime routine

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Recipe: Asian-Style Crusted Chicken

Hey Jaime Loves Stuff reader! Kristin from OrvilleRedenbacher’s here.  I am excited to be writing for Jaime today! 

Before I share my yummy recipe, let me tell you a little more about myself… I live in the Windy City with my dog. If you’ve never been to the Chicago—there’s always something going on! I mix it up on the weekends by checking out exhibits at our museums, trying a new brunch spot or going roller blading along Lake Shore Drive.

From pita chips with hummus to pretzels with peanut butter, it’s hard to pass up a savory bite in between meals. Personally, my favorite go-to is popcorn—it’s light, packed with antioxidants and contains some fiber. But, I like to enjoy my favorite snack outside of my Netflix-binge nights.
I mix things up by using crushed popcorn as an alternative for breadcrumbs. One of my favorite recipes using popcorn crumbs is this Asian-Style Crusted Chicken. The tender chicken strips have a scrumptious crunchy peanut and popcorn coating for a kick of sweet and sour oriental flavor. Hope you enjoy!

Asian-Style Crusted Chicken

Recipe: Asian-Style Crusted Chicken

Review: Bon Appétit Frozen Pizza (And Giveaway, of course)

Review: Bon Appetit Frozen Pizza

Some evenings are just meant for pizza and wine,  Just relax with some gooey cheese, crispy crust pizza, a nice white wine, and girlfriends.  Maybe throw in a movie, board games or just catch up.

Sounds like the perfect night, right?

Tip for Extreme Heat Patio Gardening (plus free Poise Samples)

Thank you to Poise for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to try recycling my unused period pads

2015 is the first year I have tried my hand at container gardening.  It's definitely been trial and error.  Living in the extreme heat requires certain plants to be watered a few times a day since plants in terracotta or plastic pots essentially cook as they retain and hold in the heat.

I have had many plant deaths.

*hides head in shame*

Quite sad.  *sniff* The only one living is the jalapeno plant.

I put all the pots close to the edge of my patio so they can get water from the sprinklers while I am at work and then I tried to water them at night and in the AM.  Well... sometimes, I forgot for a day or two.

Yeah.  *clears throat*

I decided to try something new with some flowers and if it's a success,, I will try this again in the fall/spring with more produce.