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Monday, March 2, 2015

#MaxYourTax refund with the lowest priced unlimited plans

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#MaxYourTax refund with the lowest priced unlimited plans


It's tax season.  LOL Have you filed your taxes yet? I haven't ... YET.  I am still digging around for receipts so I can get as many deductions I can! I wasn't terrible organized last year BUT I vow to this year.   I have no idea if I am even going to get a refund this year or not BUT if YOU are- this is the PERFECT time to get one of the lowest priced unlimited plans from Walmart Family Mobile (with 4G LTE! Whoo!)

Big Hero 6: Wasabi Popcorn

 This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BigHero6Release #CollectiveBias

Did you see Big Hero 6 when it was in the theaters? Emma and I did and we absolutely adored it.  I swear there were some random ninja onions in the theater because my eyes were watering... *sniff*.  If you've been around these parts once or twice, you will know I am a big nerd.  With that being said, San Fransokyo is awesome and I wish it was real because I would totally live there. /end nerd rant.  

Now Big Hero 6 is out on DVD/Blu-Ray (Yaaaayyyy) and you can get a copy at Walmart.  The nice this is with your purchase of Big Hero 6 Blu-Ray/DVD + Gift with Purchase Set includes a digital movie on Vudu while supplies last.  You can simply scan your receipt using the Savings Catcher in the Walmart app.  Then look for a message on your phone or your email and now you can watch Big Hero 6 on any device! I love the free digital copy.  I watch most of my movies/tv series in bed late at night and since I don't have a DVD/Blu-Ray player in my room, I stream via my Roku and I love having my movies available on Vudu.  

Of course, you can't have a Big Hero 6 movie night without friends.  Oh hai, Fred and Honey Lemon! Of course,when you have some friends over, you gotta have popcorn.  Movies. Friends. Popcorn. Must have. 

Of course, since it's San Fransokyo, a hybrid of San Francisco and Tokyo... wasabi popcorn just seems to be the perfect pairing.  

The best part? It's ridiculously easy to make. 

Popcorn. (check)
2 tbsp. butter (check)
1 tbsp. Wasabi powder (check)
1 tsp. soy sauce
1/4 tsp. ground ginger
1/4 tsp.  sea salt.

I popped a bag of microwave popcorn but you can make homemade.

 melt butter in the microwave. 

Add wasabi (I recommend starting with a small amount and building up to your taste), soy sauce, ginger, and sea salt to butter and stir.  
Pour the wasabi butter over popcorn and mix well.  I keep the popcorn in the bag so I can shake it up but you can do this part however you please.

And... turn on Big Hero 6, grab some friends and popcorn.


What do you think the cities of the future will be like?
Would you like to see a San Fransokyo kind of city?

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

#ReliefIsHere This Cold & Flu Season with Vicks DayQuil & NyQuil

One thing I can't handle is being sick.  Seriously, if I am knocked down with a cold or flu- life is put on hold.  Having a special needs child makes it very precarious if I get sick since she can't take care of her basic care by herself.

Thankfully, I haven't had the flu in a few years *knock on wood*.  I can't get the flu shot but my daughter does but I still get exposed and I try as hard as I can to prevent getting infected.

1. Wash hands
2. Carry sanitizer.
3. Wipe shopping carts
4. Drink lots of water. 
5. Eat healthy.
6. Get plenty of rest.
7. Prepare for JUST IN CASE by having Vicks NyQuil & DayQuil on hand!

Friday, February 20, 2015

4 ways to embrace winter (in Phoenix)

I have to admit, I'm spoiled.

I only work 4 days a week at my day job.

I live in Phoenix where the late fall-winter-early spring is perfect.

Here are 4 ways that I enjoy my day off (ha.  3 day weekend, baby) in the "winter".

Monday, February 16, 2015

My Lil' Apartment Garden

You know the feeling when you just don't feel like doing a single thing? Cool.  That's been me for the past month.  I haven't felt like doing a single thing except watch every single episode of the Tudors and then start on the Borgias.  I'm not sure why but I've just been pretty blah.  HOWEVER, today (President's Day) was gorgeous.  I mean stunningly beautiful. It was in the 70s and breezy.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Guest Blogger: Author Michelle Moran on Janam Kundli (Plus a REBEL QUEEN giveaway!)

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I am so excited to host bestselling author, Michelle Moran, on my blog today.  She is an incredibly talented writer and historian and she has brought many historical figures to life in her wildly popular historical fiction novels.  She gives a voice to those who have long since left their mark and passed on.  I was first introduced to her when I read Nefertiti many years ago and have read each and every book she has published since then.  I am not exaggerating when I say she is one of my favorite authors.  Each of her books draw me into the lives of the people whose story she tells. I can't wait for Rebel Queen!

Please give the amazing Michelle Moran a warm welcome!

With every book I write, I discover something about the culture I’m researching which completely blows me away, often because it’s so unusual and something I’ve never encountered before. In the case of my book, REBEL QUEEN, set in India during the British invasion, the concept of Janam Kundlis struck a chord with me, particularly since Janam Kundlis very nearly played a role in my own life and my marriage to my husband, who is Indian.