Jaime Loves Stuff : New Job..

New Job..

Ok, so I start my new job tomorrow and I am sooo excited!!!

Things are looking so up I can't believe it!!! YAY!!!

So, anyways, I will be working with a very progressive Oncology practice. It's an amazing group and opportunity and I feel very blessed to be a part of this team.

Some of the perks: free massages once a month (sweet), monthly bonuses (whoo hoo!), free lunches and breakfasts twice a week during clinics.

What a sweet deal, huh? Besides the awesome salary, I get to work with the best in the industry.


  1. sounds promising how is the new job doing?

  2. Hi Mary,

    The job is going great. I love it. I feel very blessed to be a part of a great team and the patients are the best. I feel extremely lucky. I am a little overwhelmed with learning all their systems and such. However, I see this being very long term. I am hoping in a short time to move to OFM (Financial Manager). I am finishing up billing and coding online. So wish me luck!


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