Cheerios Spoonfuls of Stories Giveaway!

Over the past eight years, Cheerios has given away more than 40 million children’s books by distributing them free inside cereal boxes and has donated $3.2 million to First Book, their non-profit partner, which provides books to children from low-income families. The program is part of Cheerios’ ongoing commitment to helping parents provide their children with a healthy, nutritional and educational foundation.

Beginning this month, Cheerios is again bringing books to the breakfast table, by providing six million children’s books free inside Cheerios boxes. The books are for children ages 3 to 8 years old, and include a brand new book in the popular “Trucktown” series, available only inside Cheerios boxes. And for the first time, all five books have been specially printed in both English and Spanish.

This year’s book offerings from Cheerios – all by Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing – are:

Junkyard Fort, written by Jon Scieszka, and illustrated by David Shannon, Loren Long and Dave Gordon: Join Gabriella, Jack, Melvin, Ted, Lucy and the other Trucktown characters as they make their own fort, using things found in the junkyard. Ages 4-8.

Tea for Ruby, written by The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, and illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser: Wherever Ruby goes, a bit of disaster seems to follow. But one sunny morning, things change when the postman brings Ruby an amazing invitation: would she like to have tea with the Queen? Ruby needs to polish her manners, and quickly. Ages 4-8.

Sleepyhead, written by Karma Wilson and illustrated by John Segal: In this rhythmic bedtime story, a cat is the parent and a teddy bear is the child who doesn't want to go to bed. All ready for bed with teeth brushed and story read, Sleepyhead teddy tries anything to prolong his bedtime; books and his quilt provide ample fodder for his imagination. Ages 3-7.

Ballyhoo Bay, written by Judy Sierra and illustrated by Derek Anderson: Mira Bella, an artist who teaches painting and sculpture, loves Ballyhoo Bay and what it offers: sun, sea, sand, and sky. But one gray day a billboard arrives, announcing an impending development that would take all the fun out of the place. Read along to see if Mira Bella and her art can save the day and Ballyhoo Bay! Ages 4–8.

What’s Under the Bed?, written and illustrated by Joe Fenton: Young Fred cannot stop worrying about the scary creature that might be hiding beneath his bed. Finally summoning the courage to peer under his bed, Fred, with his cumbersome glasses, sees that the only thing there is Ted, his friendly Teddy Bear! Ages 3–7.

I was given an amazing opportunity to be a part of this campaign from Cheerios, who provided me with the free product, information, and prize pack through MyBlogSpark™.

My daughter, Emma, fell in LOVE with the books (and of course, she truly loves Cheerios, but she is partial to the Honey Nut, aren't most kids, though?). Especially Tea for Ruby by Fergie, Duchess of York. As a matter of fact, she fell asleep with it (see the photo below) and took it with her to school the next day. We read through all the books, which are in English and Spanish. I thought the books were adorable and fun to read, with great illustrations which we both enjoyed! She likes to lay in bed and "read" her books "Like you do, Mommy!".

So, with a huge thank you to Cheerios and MyBlogSpark™, I am able to host a great giveaway! There can only be one winner and the winner (US and Canada only) will receive a prize pack that includes the 5 books pictured and described above, a full sized box of Cheerios AND a $25.00 Giftcard to Barnes and Noble! What a great package!

I am so excited to pass this on, it's a great way to increase literacy by reading to your children, even over a bowl of cereal!

How to enter:
Answer this question: What is your story time ritual with your children?

This contest ends on November 15th, 2009. I do not require you to be a follower of my blog, however, it is HIGHLY recommended that you do, as I will NOT contact the winner, the winner will be announced on a post and it will be up to the winner to contact me in a 48 hour time frame. If the winner does not contact me, the prize if forfeited on a Twitter giveaway. I choose the winner randomly via


  1. My son doesn't really require a regular ritual or time but we do like to read on the couch right before bed. We will read for a half hour while I normally drink tea and he has milk or cranberry juice (which he loves).

    I think this is a wonderful program and I'm excited for the giveaway.

  2. When my kids were young - baths, teeth brushed, story and then lullabyes.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway.


  3. Don't enter me b/c I'd rather this prize go to someone who has kids, but I just want to say what a great giveaway! I'm a huge lover of children's books and will soon be a school librarian, so my love of picture books never really went away. These are some wonderful books :)

  4. We are a homeschooling family so we read throughout the day.

  5. We have always read to our children before nap and before bedtime. They also love to read throughout the day. Lately, we have been reading on a blanket on our tummies. Thank you for the giveaway.

    denise_22315 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  6. We brush teeth, climb into bed and get tucked in then I lay in bed with him and read a story (two when he gets his way) and I re-tuck after the story.

  7. We read as a family in the evenings

  8. We read to kids before bed time. They get to pick books and that's their fave part!

  9. Light out reading--we call it--is a really big deal at our house. Usually done by Daddy. The kids have a collection of books specially for bedtime reading. They pick the book and Daddy reads. They seems to go on spurts where they want the same book for days in a row.

  10. We read at different points during the day randomly, but our nighttime ritual is the most regular. We do all of the bedtime preparations (brush teeth, etc.) then we go in and read 2-3 stories (depending on length) before bedtime. We love bedtime stories!

  11. I don't have any children yet and I can't wait till one day that I might! I would so look forward to bedtime reading!! :) purposedrivenlife4you at gmail dot com

  12. We read books together at bedtime - usually one story for every year of age (and no, my kids are not in their teens yet but pretend they are to get more books read to). aitmama {{at} gmail {dot}} com

  13. We read several times a day depending on our schedule, but we always read 2-3 books before bedtime every night:)
    This program sounds great! Thanks!

    christinbanda AT yahoo DOT com

  14. We read in the evening as a family. Normally read about 5 or 6 pages of a book everyone can enjoy and then read one to the kids as they are going to sleep:) Please enter me in your giveaway. Thanks!

  15. No real "ritual" but we do read 30-45 minutes every night before bedtime. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  16. Now that I have my grandkids, I like to read to them at least some of the time when I have them, usually when the little one can sit still, lol.

  17. Our storytime ritual starts after bath and a change into clean pajamas. With a glass of milk downed and teeth brushed, their heads on their pillows, my boys listen to me read. polo-puppy-fluffyAThotmail *dot* com Sometimes, if it's short, it will be two books; if it's a longer book then I might only read them a couple of chapters. That's our routine. Cheers. A great prize.


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