Contest Winners...

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Will be announced tomorrow. This weekend is crazy busy and with Halloween being tonight and my daughter having therapy this morning, I will be too lethargic after a sugar O.D. to announce the winners tonight. Since there are quite a few that ended last night, I want to let those who may have won the heads up that announcements are tomorrow. Since so many missed the last announcements, I don't want anybody to miss their books this time! Plus I am listing MANY new contests tomorrow! Thanks and have a safe Halloween!


  1. Have a safe Halloween!! Have fun :0)

  2. Okay, I've waited a whole day, it's evening now, and I'm still not seeing any winner announcements. :o(

    (I'm really really really hoping for a copy of Highlander's Temptation, so I keep checking back and back and back) :o)


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