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Favorite...and not so favorite...Themes

I love books set in the South! Movies too. So to get to spend as much time there as possible I decided to write a series set in the South. Hot and Bothered (4/08) and Hot and Irresistible (11/09).

Are there some book themes that are auto buys for you? A topic that no matter who writes it or how crappie the cover you think ah-ha, it’s one of those and I have to have it now! And you start reading it while you’re still in the store.

I’m a sucker for love and laughter especially mixed with suspense. I’m okay with love and laughter on i’s own as long as it doesn’t drift into characters being stupid to get a laugh. Hate, hate, hate stupid character. They’re supposed to be heroes and heroines for Pete’s sake! Stupid doesn’t work.

And suspense by itself doesn’t work for me. So often it drifts into the gruesome or morbid or dark and I hate all those things. But I love a good mystery. So, if you put the two together it’s an auto buy for me.

And I love, love, love cowboy themes and Southern themes. Not always an auto buy but sure makes me look twice. ‘Course if there’s humor involved then it’s an auto buy and if there’s humor and suspense and in the South, well dang, girl!

And that brings us to what themes you won’t read no matter how many of your friends insist this is the best read ever! I cannot read horror no matter who writes it. Scares me to death, can’t sleep, double lock all the doors. After reading In Cold Blood I put heavy furniture in front of the back door for weeks! My husband and kids thought I was nuts...that’s because they didn’t read In Cold Blood!

And I can’t do vampires. I know, I know...there are lots of vamps out there that are humorous and have mystery but the neck biting thing just grosses me out no matter how gorgeous the neck-bitter is.

So, chickies, the question is... What is your fav theme that you auto buy and what is the one theme that makes you squirm when you just think about it?

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USA Today best selling author Dianne Castell writes for Kensington BRAVA. She also writes a monthly editor interview column for Romance Writers Report. Her books have won Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award, been on the cover of Romantic Times Magazine and included in Rhapsody Book Club, Doubleday Book Club and have made the Waldenbooks Bestseller list.

The second book in her Savannah Sizzles series for the BRAVA line, Hot and Irresistible, hits the shelves Nov‘09. Hot Summer Nights is out May ’10.
Dianne lives in Cincinnati with her two cats and will do just about anything to get out of housework.

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  1. Great post. :D

    I'm a sucker for Tudor fiction - no matter who writes it, I've got to buy it.

    I also like stories set during one of the world wars. There's something so tragic yet romantic about that time.

    Lately vampire books are turning me off. I've always been a huge vampire fan but the latest rush of vamp novels (which are obviously being released for money because of the sudden interest rather than for artistic purposes) is starting to bug me. :P

  2. I'm a sucker for historical fiction. I guess I just like being transported to another time and place when I'm reading.

    So far, I haven't been able to interest myself in any vampire books, no matter how sparkly or funny. But I did win a copy of The Historian, so I'm going to give that book a try.

  3. Love the post!

    I am a sucker for paranormal themed books (including vampires, werewolves, etc.) and time travel. Can't get enough. I also will read ANY type of Jane Austen fan fic (particularly Pride & Prejudice) and nearly any true crime book (particularly Ann Rule and Jerry Bledsoe).
    I have recently been getting into Tudor themed books as well.

  4. Thanks for this post Diane. I'm afraid I'm another one for Historical Fiction. That said, I'll have a go at most genres but am afraid I draw the line at Mills & Boons type of read.

  5. I love historicals too, esp since I don't write them. It's a real escape.

    SueEllen's a terrific gal. I met her at a conference. So sweet and a fab author!

    Thanks for chatting.


  6. I am a sucker for anything non-fiction and memoirs. Love them!!!


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