Review: Seal 7

Seal's career has been nothing short of successful.  Every single album he has recorded has been timeless.  Seal's voice is haunting and as smooth as butter.  To this day, "A Kiss From a Rose" and "Crazy" are on repeat in my playlists.

Seal 7, released on November 6th, 2015, is no different.  

Seal 7 is a story of love.  It's powerful, it's poignant and beautiful.  This is an album for lovers. 

This is the album to dim the lights to, light candles, pour a glass of wine and cuddle by a fireplace.  Seal 7 is designed to bring the human heart back to love and to appreciate the beauty that is romance. 

From the opening song, "Daylight Savings" to the last song, "Love"- the album is a smooth transition from slow and easy, to a livelier upbeat tempo and bringing the listener back to a place of quiet reflection.  Seal 7 brings the listener the ability to reflect, to feel, to want, to need, to smile, and to feel... feelings. 

My favorite tracks are "Daylight Saving", "Do You Ever", "Half a Heart" and "Love".

This is the Seal I fell in love with in 1991.  His debut album (cassette, y'all) was on rewind and Seal 7 is currently on repeat rotation in my iPod.

Track LIsting:
1-Daylight Saving
2-Every Time I'm With You
3-Life on the Dancefloor
4-Padded Cell
5-Do You Ever
6-The Big Love Has Died
7-Redzone Killer
9-Half A Heart
10-Let Yourself

What is your favorite Seal song?

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