Three Adorable Ways to Bring Your Elf to Life

Christmas is right around the corner.  Are you ready? Or did I just give you a bit of anxiety? *Sorry*

It is also time for the Elves to start making their appearance and bringing the holidays to life!  This post will bring you three adorable ways to bring your elf to life

Placing a cute elf on your shelf is nothing short of fun and kids love it, parents love them, and they're absolutely adorable.  

However, your elf needs not only a place on your shelf but a home on your shelf! We have all seen the OTHER elf that is a tad creepy looking but this alternative is cute (AND plush).  The Elves from the Elf Workshoppe are super sweet, cuddly and are sweet enough to bring joy (and just a little bit of shenanigans)

If you don't already have a super cute elf, these super sweet (and cuddly soft and NON CREEPY) elves from The Elf Workshoppe are plush. They're also extremely affordable at only $12.99 each at TheElf Workshoppe. They are of high quality and are the perfect toy for little ones to cuddle with and sleep with through the wait for Christmas.

Here are three adorable ways to bring your sweet elf to life.

A car. Every elf must have a car, right? How else can they run errands and grab supplies for Santa?  Somebody has to do the hot cocoa run! Or at the very least, create some shenanigans!

A sleigh. Every elf needs a sleigh. Who says only Santa can drive a sleigh? Elves love to drive sleighs and the reindeer love them.  

A bed. Elves get tired, too! Tuck the elf in and read a sweet, Christmas bedtime story. 

All of these adorable Elves and Elf Accessorizes can be found at the ElfWorkshoppe (Where else?).  These three barely scratch the surface of what they have available on their website.  They have trains, bears, rocking chairs and even a bath tub!  So many cute options to really have fun with and they will be a hit with everyone!

If you have been wanting to pick up an elf for your child but found that the other one was TOO pricey or that they aren't exactly what you are looking for (*cough* creepy *cough cough*), The Elf Workshoppe elves are a GREAT alternative and as said above, they're really affordable.  $12.99 for an elf and you can use a coupon (below) for further discount along with any accessories you may want to pick up to create even more Christmas magic. 

The Elf Workshoppe was created to bring Christmas to life and in your home. All of their products are affordable and absolutely adorable! 

They even throw in a free surprise with any purchase $60 or more AND enter “elf” coupon code at check out and save 25%!

This post is sponsored but all thoughts are my own.

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