The Best EVER Carrot Cake Mix Cookies Recipe

The Best EVER Carrot Cake Mix Cookies Recipe

What are y'all watching on Netflix these days? Man, there are SO many good shows on there but lately, I have been watching some spooky stuff.  I just finished Slasher (don't watch it if you can't stand old school gore).  Season two had me weak.  It was crazy.  I just started "The Mist" which is a TV Series based off of the Stephen King book.  SO much better than the movie but holy crap.  It's pretty dark. 

Of course, it was canceled by Spike TV after the first season.  Cue sad face.  I am hoping Netflix picks it up for a second season.  

Enough of my rambling about what I am streaming.  Let's talk sweets.  

There are just some days, you want carrot cake.  Then there are other days, a cookie is sounding pretty damn good.  Why not combine them both into one gloriously beautiful creation- a carrot cake mix cookie.  


Carrot Cake Mix turned into a cookie.  Brilliant, right? They're the best of both worlds.  They're chewy.  They're delicious.  They're heaven sent.  MAKE THESE!!

Yep, a real clip of me dancing.  I kid I kid.  


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