Jaime Loves Stuff : Happy Birthday Georgette Heyer!! **Giveaway**

Happy Birthday Georgette Heyer!! **Giveaway**

I haven't blogged much lately. Life has been INSANE, I tell ya! My child, work, school, rinse, repeat and there isn't much time left in the day! I need to figure out how to go a week without sleep or create more usable hours in the day however... I am BAACCCKKK and for a GOOD reason...
Georgette Heyer's birthday is on August 16 and her life and books are being celebrated throughout this entire MONTH! Thanks to Sourcebooks, I get to host a killer giveaway! From Sourcebooks:
Georgette Heyer, the “Queen of Regency Romance,” is one of the most beloved authors of all time, and Sourcebooks couldn’t be more thrilled to be her North American publishing home: all 52 of her delightful novels are back in print! Over the years we have come to find that fans of Heyer’s work all have “Heyer moments”—stories about how they discovered her, which novel is their favorite, how they used to sneak and read their mother’s copies, and so on. We LOVE hearing these stories from fans, and what better time to sing the praises of one of our favorite authors then on the anniversary of her 110th birthday! In light of the anniversary, Sourcebooks wants to ask readers: “How did YOU discover Georgette Heyer?”
With that said... How did you discover Georgette Heyer? For me, I am a relative virgin to her works. I was offered a chance some time ago to review a Heyer book (From Sourcebooks- they freaking ROCK!) and I read "A Death in the Stocks" and her writing style sucked me in. I could visualize the scenes, hear the words, the silliness and eccentricities of the characters made them beloved and I loved Inspector Hannaysyde! Every since that book, I became obsessed with all things Heyer! From her mysteries to her historicals and of course, her regency romances, her works have instilled a love of the Heyer world in many, many, many fans. Thanks to her birthday, one winner who comments and shares THEIR Heyer moment, will receive a surprise grab-bag prize pack of 3 different Heyer novels: 1 Romance, 1 Mystery, 1 Historical Fiction. The winner will be picked using a random generator and the books will be shipped, generously from Sourcebooks. Are you excited? Me, too!!! Also, make sure you follow the author page on Facebook. There are posts about GREAT prices on Ebooks ($2.99!!! INSANE!) and 30% off books! Go now!!! Contest will close August 16, winner will chosen and emailed. Winner will have 72 hours to respond to email or an alternate will be picked. US & Canada only! To enter answer: How did you discover Georgette Heyer? With your email address, naturally. Feel free to share! If you tweet, blog, tumbl, Facebook, etc. Let me know! I will give you extra entries! Good luck and I can't wait to hear your stories! Cheers! All Available Georgette Heyer eBooks on sale for $2.99 from Tuesday August 14th – Monday August 20th! http://www.sourcebooks.com/readers/browse-our-lists/ebook-specials/1776-happy-birthday-ms-heyer-ebooks-for-299.html Get 30% off any Heyer print book during the whole month of August at the Sourcebooks store by using the coupon code HEYER at checkout! http://www.sourcebooks.com/store/fiction/georgette-heyer/ Also, check out our Georgette Heyer Facebook page where we will be having discussions, parties and giveaways! http://www.facebook.com/thecompletegeorgetteheyer


  1. Like you, I was introduced to Georgette Heyer with these great new re-releases that Sourcebooks has been putting out. I read my first of her work last year, and I was hooked! She really reminds me of Jane Austen-- I love her style. I haven't read any of her "modern" works, and am looking forward to it.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

    CalicoCritic at gmail dot com

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  3. You know, Georgette Heyer is one of those authors that I keep meaning to try and never have. I have a lot of friends who rave about her all the time, and really enjoy her work. I did almost pick up one of her mysteries, what I'm most intrigued by, but for whatever reason I never got around to it. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win. And welcome back!

    [email protected]


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