Jaime Loves Stuff : Oh summer time...

Oh summer time...

how I loathe thee.

Most of the country gets to enjoy summer. Not me. Not Emma. Not in Arizona! It's literally HELL here. Holy cow.

I cringe every single June as the signs and symptoms of summer starts showing. Not ready to have my hands burn to touch the steering wheel or the seatbelt. Poor Emma, she has difficult time controlling her body temperature and her seizure meds make her pale, sensitive skin even more sensitive. Thus we hibernate for the summer. Business slows down. Less traffic. Bad time for yard sales. However... 4-5 months of hell makes it worth it for the 7 months of beauty. Oh yeah, and the realllyyyy expensive electricity bills! Haha!!!!

Summer...how I loathe thee...


  1. I adore summer :)

    Happy blogoversary :)

  2. Sorry about you summer...I love summer even though it isn't too warm here in Pennsylvania.

    Summer should be warm and nice enough to sit outside without a jacket. :)


    Stopped by to take a look around.

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