You're a BORING BLOGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #BlogFail

Said the email I received.

Yes, ladies and gents, I am a boring blogger.  You know what? That is totally fine because guess what? I am a totally boring person.  My life is super boring.  I get up, get my daughter ready, get her to therapy/school/etc., go to work, come home, find something palatable to eat (if I am lazy- we are eating sandwiches), watch some TV/read a book and go to bed.  Wash. Rinse. Repeat.


Whoo watch out now! Here comes the crazy, wild chick.

Honestly, I like my boring life.  My previous life was crazy.  CRAZY.  I made bad choices. Lots and lots of bad choices (from drugs, to men, to partying, etc. etc. etc.) and I am glad I made them.  I have it out of my system and that way my midlife crisis might be kind of tame in comparison.  I am content with things.  I like my low key, low cost, low drama life.

The biggest excitement in my life right now? A guy belched in my face at Sprouts (grocery store), I crop dusted him back (i had a lot of dairy today so ... yeah.) and he gagged.   Oh and I beg a few celebs to interact with me on Twitter (Shush your mouths.  Don't judge- join in! Haha).  I was so excited when Debbie Gibson followed me back on Twitter, I totally geeked out and spilled coffee in my lap and all over my bed.  It. was. awesome.

Okay.  You can totally fangirl, too!

Oh we really try to get Donnie Wahlberg to notice my friend.

Yes.  I am still in junior high.  Yes, it's awesome.  Yes, it's a boatload of fun and a lot fun people on Twitter join in.

How do you know you're a boring blogger?  Your page views suck.  Like mine do.  I don't have exciting lifestyle things to write about- my home is ugly, I don't have the courage to take photos of myself to post outfits I wear, my life is filled with all things medical- from my daughter, from myself and from my job.  I love to read and discuss books but I hate writing reviews.  I do very little product reviews now.  I love food and I am leaning more towards mostly posting food.

What about you? Are you a boring blogger? I doubt it because you are all fabulous!

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