9 Survival Foods That Will Last Forever

9 Survival Foods That Will Last Forever
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9 Survival Foods That Will Last Forever

A emergency situation can happen to any of us at any time and even though its not something we like to think about, its best to be prepared and have at least a small stockpile of items to help make those stressful moments a little less stressful. I have a great list of survival foods that will last forever so you can feel comfortable purchasing these items and knowing when its time to use them they won’t go bad.

Survival Foods That Will Last Forever

  • Honey:  Pure honey is absolutely delicious and never goes bad. You may notice it may crystalize or change color however it does not go bad so don’t throw it out. It your honey does crystalize you can make it as good as new by simply slowly heating it in a bowl of warm water until the crystal dissolve.

  • Rice: One of the most popular survival foods that last forever is rice. All types of rice will last forever as long as it is stored properly except brown rice, which will last only several months. Rice is great to have around as an emergency food because it can be added to soups, mixed to have different flavorings with spices; it’s very filling and gives you energy. It can also be heated in cloth bags to make homemade heating pads.

  • Hard Liquor: Hard liquor that is distilled will never go bad even after it has been opened. Not only will it help calm in times of particular stress but its also great for easing pain and disinfecting wounds.

  • Salt: Salt is something we all need and the good news is it lasts forever! Whether it be sea salt or table salt it will never go bad. In emergency situations salt can be used to brush your teeth, help preserve meats, and helps alleviate bug bites and other skin irritants.

  • Dried Corn: Corn will last forever if it has been dried out and it’s great because it can be reconstituted and used in any recipe that calls for fresh corn. You can use it in soups, mix it up with rice and spices, use it to feed your animals and if you are in need of heat it can be burned and used as a heating source.

  • Powdered Milk: If you have little ones home this is one you are going to want to stock up on. Powdered milk might not taste the best but in an emergency situation if will provide a great source of vitamins and minerals. This can be used as a beverage, used to make soups and baking goods.

  • Bouillon cubes: Part of keeping the morale up in emergency situations is good food and bouillon cubes will definitely help. Keep these on hand to flavor dishes and make you feel as though you have a meaty flavor if meat is not to be found. It’s best to store these in Ziploc bags so the taste stays as fresh as possible.

  • Instant Coffee or Tea: Another comfort food that will boost morale. Instant coffee and tea will last forever if you store it correctly. To keep these items as fresh as possible its best to vacuum seal them and be sure no moisture gets to it.

  • Sugar: We all need our sugar fix now and then and the good news is sugar is one of the top survival foods that will last forever. It is prone to absorbing moisture so add a few grains of rice into the bag to help with that. Use sugar to flavor food and drinks, cure foods and to help with gardening.

If you keep a stockpile of foods for an emergency what are some of the survival foods that will last forever that you are sure to keep on hand? I would love to hear and get more great ideas!

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