Internet Security with CUJO Firewall

 Protect your computer and devices with CUJO Smart Firewall and have Internet Security in your home.

Internet Security with CUJO Firewall

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So many of us are online.  We are connected through social media, many of us run online businesses, online gaming, streaming, and many more things we can do online! It's amazing but so is the threat.   Hackers are smart- they can hold your computer hostage, steal your banking information, send viruses, and steal your data.  It's scary and we have to try and do as much to protect ourselves online- whether we like it or not, we do everything online and it's here to stay.

I have an antivirus/malware software already but I just feel like it's not enough. Especially since I am launching an e-commerce business and I have a teenager, I need more online protection than ever.

Internet Security with CUJO Firewall

One cool piece of technology for families and small business owners is the CUJO Smart Firewall (which you can grab at Best Buy).  

CUJO is incredible in that it provides business level security for ALL your wifi connected devices.

Internet Security with CUJO Firewall

1.  Protects ALL devices connected to home wifi.

Phones, tablets, smart TV/Roku devices, gaming consoles, laptops, etc.- if it's connected to your wifi, it's protected by Cujo.

2.  CUJO detects and blocks malicious sites, viruses, and hacks.

Pretty much an antivirus for the entire home network.  

3. Parental Controls

Limit internet time (I need limits, too.  I schedule time blocks but it's still easy to lose track), website filtering, monitor social media, alerts, and reporting.  This is brilliant.  

4.  Controlled with a free app. 

With the app, you can easily set up the firewall to the router and monitor internet usage, set controls, pause the internet, etc. 

I love the easy setup and it didn't slow down my internet at all (1 GB Ethernet).   

Oh and CUJO is adorable, am I right? I wish I had taken a photo of it with the light up "eyes" that shows it working.  This is amazing and I am excited to have additional home security.  

Internet Security with CUJO Firewall

You can get CUJO Smart Firewall for your home at your local Best Buy store or online! 

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