Upcoming CSN Stores Review

I am super excited to be hosting another review for CSN stores! As you may know, CSN Stores have OVER 200 online stores where you can find another from Paula Deen Knives to dining room sets to area rugs!

Check out this SUPER cute dining room set, I think it would look perfect in an apartment or for an eat in kitchen.

disclaimer: Please note that CSN stores is giving me a gift card for my time and effort to purchase an item that I will be reviewing with my own independent opinion. The fact that I am given a gift card has ZERO bearing on my ability to give a good, honest and FAIR review. As many of my followers know, I am pretty honest!


  1. I love CSN! That is a cute table set! Enjoy looking through all the fun stuff they have!

  2. Thanks Beth! I will. I am thinking of a storage bench for my daughter's room! Not sure but am so excited

  3. Wow, i love your posts!! Would you like to participate in my Bookish Ninja blog thingy? I'm here to personally invite you.



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