The most SMOKING deal ever!!!!!

Who out there is a fan of AMC's hit show, Mad Men? I absolutely am infatuated with the show and the characters. I have a bit of an obsession with the late 50s/early 60s fashion as it is and the whole period in regards to the values, the ethics and the changes that happened during those years that have set the foundation for the future (ok, well all generations did but this is my fave as women started pushing ahead and really becoming a force to be reckoned with)

Oh and for fun, here's a parody from Sesame Street! LOL

Anyhow, has an amazing deal on the first 3 seasons of the hit show, for $9.99 a season! EACH! ONLY $9.99!! EVEN BLUERAY!!!!! They are generally anywhere from $29.99-$49.99 a season. This is ridiculously low! The sale ends on November 27th, so go get the deals!!!!

disclaimer: I was not paid by, AMC or Mad Men for this post, I am JUST a fan. HOWEVER, if anybody does click through and purchase through the widget, I get a super tiny commission from Amazon Associates. That's it.

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