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There's nothing like fresh, warm chips and a bowl of salsa to make your stomach happy. Ok, well it makes MY stomach happy! Salsa Sensations is a new product that just hit the shelves in September and is available exclusively in Walmart. The salsa is available in the 48 contiguous states and is bound to be in a Walmart near you! Made with sun ripened tomatoes, chopped onions, garlic, cilantro and jalapeno (or if you like FIRE, habaneros are in the hot salsa!). Available in three heat levels: mild, medium and hot, with only 10 calories per 2 tablespoon serving, is also a fat free and cholesterol free food, and because it's fresh, it's only in the refrigerated aisle in the dairy case.

I was given the opportunity to sample some of this wonderful salsa! Let me tell you, yes! It's WONDERFUL! I tried ALL three flavors but I have to say medium was my favorite. The best part of all of these salsa is how seriously FRESH they taste! Oh my goodness, the freshness just screams at you. Doesn't matter which flavor you try, it tastes like you are sitting in your favorite Mexican food restaurant with a bowl of salsa and chips in front of you. Only thing I had to do, and I do this with MOST salsas- restaurant or not, I throw a few dashes of salt. That's just me, though.

Look how BEAUTIFUL the salsa looks (this is a close up of the medium):
Medium is best with just a good old bag of chips all by them self. Scoop and chomp!

This my dear friends is Mild. She's a mild mannered kind of girl and is best served in recipes or with children or those with weak constitutions... I preferred to make Crockpot Black Bean Cream Cheese Chicken (in the crock throw some chicken, a can of black beans, a can of corn-if you wish and a container of your favorite salsa, cook low for 8 hours and 30 minutes prior to being ready turn to high and throw in a block of cream cheese and serve!). I didn't take photos because well, it's an ugly recipe but look at Mild on a chip!

Now about hot, you ask? Hot is on FIRE! Now this is some wonderful HOT flavored sauce. I didn't think it was tooooo spicy but then I handle spicy food just fine! It will definitely burn your tongue and feel the fire in the pits of your stomach! LOL. I like this one on tacos!

So grab some chips and get some Salsa Sensations! Ole!


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