"My Week with Marilyn" Review

I was given the chance via the Amazon.com Vine Program to watch and review "My Week with Marilyn" and I absolutely loved it!

I watched this movie with no real expectations about it. I vaguely recall the buzz about it and frankly, Michelle Williams isn't a memorable actress. I am not saying she's a bad actress but she's not one that stays in the forefront of my memory. I vaguely recall her in "Dawson's Creek" and vaguely recall her in "Brokeback Mountain". Any other roles, I can't recall. I will say after watching "My Week with Marilyn", I was blown away by her performance. I really had no clue she was this good of an actress! She was amazing as Marilyn Monroe! I read some comments about her looks in other reviews but honestly, there was no way of expecting an actress to look like Marilyn AND be able to act like her and I think Michelle was a great choice. She embraced Marilyn's emotional roller coaster, her insecurities, her sensitivity and her heart completely. Kenneth Branagh was a wonderful Laurence Olivier and of course, Judi Dench was fantastic as Sybil Thorndike. Eddie Redmayne played his part of Colin Clark quite well. Casting was just phenomenal and of course, full of amazing talent.

I am not familiar with the book Mr. Clark wrote about his week of working on the set of "The Prince and the Showgirl" nor am I a historian or avid researcher on Marilyn Monroe, but I thoroughly enjoyed the story. Marilyn Monroe was obviously beautiful, talented and the icon of Hollywood. She still captures the attention of fans many years after her death. I feel that this movie portrayed Marilyn in a light of... honesty, maybe. I don't believe she was stupid nor was she an airhead. She was intelligent but she was sensitive and insecure. She was a deeply flawed human being who just happened to be extremely famous and in the public eye, she wanted to be loved, respected and to feel secure about herself. I thought the acting, filmography and story were all wonderful across the board and I definitely recommend watching this, if you are a Marilyn Monroe fan.

And once again... I never knew Michelle Williams was such a good actress! Haha. I will be keeping my eyes open for more work from her in the future. I really hope she is able to obtain roles worthy of her talent.


  1. Hi Jamie, this is one I would love to watch! Thanks for sharing about it ;)

  2. Hi Sheila! I really did enjoy it! Let me know if you do end up watching it and what you thought of it!


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