Ways to Save With Groupon

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Unless you've been under a rock, you already know all about Groupon.  However, Groupon is MUCH more than coupons.  I mean, don't get me wrong, the coupons are incredible- I love being able to find a new restaurant, service, local events and much more BUT I love shopping on Groupon Goods.

I have been able to save a lot of money on items that I am going to shop for anyways.  Shopping on Groupon is a GREAT way to buy birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, and just because gifts and save money.  I am a huge a proponent of shopping around and finding the best price.  Full price? No thanks.

Here are some amazing items you can buy on Groupon!


Know a perfume-aholic? Groupon is a GREAT place to grab BRAND name, high end perfume.  $80? No thanks.  $23? Definitely right in my budget.


Bedding sets can be expensive.  ESPECIALLY a nice comforter set and nice sheets.  Groupon is a GREAT resource for bedding sets.  I also love having access to reviews to help make a decision.

Home Decor

Wall art.  It's EXPENSIVE.  Especially for somebody trying to decorate their first home, it can be cost prohibitive.  Definitely take a moment to peruse Groupon for deals on wall art, custom canvas and so many more ways to keep the walls from looking bland.

Do you shop on Groupon?
What is the best deal you have found?

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