Top Family Friendly Movies for Thanksgiving on Netflix

Top Family Friendly Movies for Thanksgiving on Netflix

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Netflix has made spending time with your family easier than ever. This November, you can spend your family nights watching the best of giving, loving, and celebrating the real meaning of Thanksgiving with your family. Here are the top family friendly movies for Thanksgiving on Netflix!

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Charlie Brown is a timeless classic for the whole family. Celebrate turkey, festivities, and love with Charlie and the Peanuts Crew by putting A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving at the top of your list. Charlie Brown teaches love, giving, and what Thanksgiving is all about.

Pocahontas II Journey to a New World

Thanksgiving started long ago with our Native American friends who helped us through rough winters. What better way to celebrate being thankful, our history, and family than to watch the infamous Pocahontas story?


Filled with bickering, mishaps, and eventually bonding, this Thanksgiving story is a family favorite. Dutch offers to bring his girlfriend’s 13-year old son to Chicago on Thanksgiving and is in for a wild ride. Thanksgiving may not be perfect for everyone, but we sure remember what we are thankful for when it gets here.

Pay It Forward

Though Pay It Forward isn’t filmed during Thanksgiving, it shows the true meaning of the holidays. In this heart-warming film, your family will realize how to be thankful for what they have, and that true happiness comes when we give to others.

Miracle on 34th Street

Starting on Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, this movie takes us through the whole holiday experience, right up to Christmas. With miracles, love, and giving, this is one of those movies that is perfect for the holidays.

Free Birds

Available through DVD on Netflix, Free Birds is taking the whole family on an adventure through history to a time in 1621 just before the first Thanksgiving. The plan is for turkeys to prevent themselves from ever becoming the main course for Thanksgiving dinner. I

The New World

The real story of Pocahontas is one worth knowing. As settlers move in, and Smith is reported dead, Pocahontas marries another. Torn between the two lovers, this DVD Netflix movie is worth every second. Learn the history of our ancestors, and what the Disney Pocahontas left out.


There is an old saying that you reach a person’s heart through their stomach. This may be why we celebrate Thanksgiving by eating our hearts out. Either way, Canela knows food is love and love are what she needs. In fact, love is what we all need during the holidays.

Living on One Dollar

In this documentary, four Americans travel to Guatemala where they attempt to live on one dollar a day for two months. There are many people all over the world that have it less fortunate than we do. This movie will really help you and your family to be thankful for all that you have this Thanksgiving.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving Netflix movies to watch with your family? Share your family favorites in the comments below!

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