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I absolutely adore unique items.  The more unique, the better and especially high quality products..  I also love styles that are reminiscent of old style and uber retro, too.  Izola is one shop that provides a plethora of unique and super high quality products! When I say unique, I mean UNIQUE.  Their items are old world utilitarian and made to last.

I found some very, very cool FLASKS.  Yes, you guys.  Honest to goodness flasks.  I really want this Ruffian X Lady Izola flask

How fabulous is that???? Can you imagine a ladies night out and the girls whipping out these flasks? I love it! The attention to detail is absolutely beautiful.

If you are looking for some unique and creative gifts for Father's Day, I know you will find some amazing gift ideas here.  The following are items I think would make super cool Father's Day gifts!

A Gentleman's flask? I think yes!

Soaps make fantastic gifts ... especially when they are handcrafted and in 18th century styling. Per the website, these soaps are not animal tested, made with vegetable oils and triple milled. 

I love this very cool apothecary soap.  Isn't the packaging to die for?

QUICK VIEWSince I am from the Great Plains... this soap steals my heart
QUICK VIEWOf course, a toiletry bag is a must.  Especially a gentleman's zipper pouch like this one:QUICK VIEW
Now, you can't have soap and a toiletry bag without a ceramic gentleman's soap dish, amiright?

How about bamboo toothbrushes? Yes.  I said bamboo.  Bamboo is great because it is a highly sustainable source and it's beautiful.  

Who doesn't love a beautiful scented candle to relax with?  I know I do.  Izola has a great selection of candles.  Who says only women like candles? I beg to differ.  

Okay.  I won't lie.  I fell in love with this shower curtain BUT a martini drinking, dapper man would appreciate this in his personal shower.  Doesn't even have to be a Father's Day gift, this makes a great gift to a bachelor!

I love quotes.  I love Mark Twain.  How about a cool catchall (think loose change, keys, cell phone, etc.) with this awesome Mark Twain quote, "If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything".

Take a look at their website and check out all the amazing and unique items.  I am talking about topnotch quality and craftsmanship.  You can just see how much attention they pay to the details.  I am obsessed!

Did you see anything that would make a great gift for dad, brothers, significant other or even yourself?

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