I am the eye of the tiger. Rowr.

Yes.  Yes, I am.  Are you the eye of the tiger?  Get it.  Be fierce.  Go balls to the wall and rock out and show the world that you are a force to be reckoned with.

The other day on Facebook, a family member unearthed a thread on a forum that was posted nearly five years ago.  It began about Victor Ortiz (a local boy fighting on HBO) and then the topic went on about my family.   Well, my dad and brothers mainly but regardless, it was a good thread to read.  Even though a person who remained "anonymous" talked about himself but didn't state he was the person he was referring to.  However, it did make me nostalgic.  Boxing is one of my favorite sports because I grew up in a house full of boxers.  Rocky is one of my favorite anthologies and I still watch my box set regularly My father was a coach, by brothers trained, and our house lived and breathed boxing.  The scene in Southwest Kansas really was awesome- the excitement, the heart, the energy, the drive, and the sweat.  It was a fantastic boxing scene.   Of course, as a teenage girl, I did like seeing the guys my dad trained (some were classmates) training in their tank tops and boxing shorts but that's a post for another day *wink*.  Needless to say, it made me a bit nostalgic.  If you want to be nosy and read about it- you can go here.  .

With today being HUMP DAY MUSIC and all *wink* and I have nostalgia coursing through my body, I shall share with you a favorite mash up video.  Okay, not a mashup but... the best of both worlds: Survivor, The Eye of the Tiger, and Supernatural.


It's about that booty, tho...

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