The Good, the Bad, the TBI!

Waiting at the ENT

Happy Sunday!

It's finals this weekend for two of my classes and what am I doing? Blogging, of course! Haha.  I am such a procrastinator when it comes to having to write a paper but that's how I work best.  I need to focus my mind elsewhere and then something will pop up in my head and I'm ready to write.  It's only a five-six page paper. Easy peasy.

Of course, I haven't posted because of school but I'll be off for a week and can hopefully catch up until my last classes begin and then I graduate this May! Whoot.  Then, I'll start on some web design and graphic design classes.  That will be fun!

What's new?
My child has a horrific snore at night.  I mean HORRIBLE.  It wakes me up.  She's been snoring since her brain injury but it's gotten progressively worse.  I finally (I know, I am kicking myself over this) got her in to see an ENT.  I thought maybe she has sinus issues (which she does) but nope, the Dr. said it's a sleep apnea.  My biggest fear was that this is because of her brain injury but when he looked down her throat he saw her MASSIVE tonsils.  Apparently, they're beyond kissing tonsils- they're actually laying on top of each other.  Ooooohhhh.  He said this is definitely a relief because this is a no-brainer that this is her trouble and they need to come out.  He said he feared she was having a central sleep apnea (same fear as mine) which is harder to treat but the tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy should solve her issues.  I hope so, too.  I know she's not having a very good quality of sleep.  I am realistic but I do hope that once her sleep issues are resolved that she'll be able to cope with her emotional roller coaster and her anger can be better controlled.  We all know how poor sleep can make a bear of us!  She's going to have surgery April 2nd.  I'll take the rest of the week off!  She'll stay in for 24 hours due to her various needs but I think it will go quite well.  The trick will keep her hydrated.

Yesterday was the last day of winter ballet practice.  We've had so much fun.  The ballet is adapted for the kids' needs and the core of this program is to develop poise, develop gross motor skills, and friendships.  Okay.  I added the last part. LOL.  We've had such a blast and everybody is full of life and joy.  Heehee, even the moms were involved.  We even wore tutus.  BAM! Here are some highlights from our last day.  I wanted to include everybody in the pictures but I want to be mindful of their privacy and since I don't have permission to post/share their photos, I am keeping their images limited.  What great memories we had and I can't wait for the spring session.  We were going to do the Spring Fling show but with Emma's upcoming surgery, we'd rather wait and just do the spring session.  This fall's show is Peter Pan! CAN'T WAIT!

Oh and I bought a new lens: Canon EF 35 mm f/2.  I have a lot to get used to on how to get the most out of this lens but so far? ADORE IT!!!!

 Doing the hokey pokey with Miss Caroline
 This young lady is wonderful. Her parents have done such a GREAT job with her.  She helps with the special needs kids and will eventually teach ballet some day.  Emma calls her "Big Sister"
 Emma and Miss Caroline doing the HOKEY POKEY!
 The class doing JUMPS!
How amazing are these ballet feet? Love love love.

Ha! You know you're jealous of my TUTU! 

Very hands on! 

Good picture!  
I have to say, I've searched for the best words to explain what the Nutcracker did for me as a mother. It's easy to say what it's done for Emma but what it's done for me, there are no words but I found this video on the ballet's academy's website. I have gotten to know three of the moms in this clip over the last few weeks and I enjoy our Saturdays so much!  Judy is so awesome and we are BAAM! Ballet Academy of Arizona Moms! However, Kathy and Suzy's statement that this has made them better parents resonates with me, too. I told Caroline previously that THIS has awoken something inside of me that I needed. I want to be more involved, I'd started to give up at one point and well, they're right.. I think the parents get even more out of this than our kids! LOL Don't get me wrong, our kids get so much out of ballet but we get something extra. We get I think that Caroline deserves so much credit for what she has done with her academy. On a side note, these aren't the BEST pictures from the set BUT I see my photography is IMPROVING! YAY!


  1. Hi there love the pics! they came out great! So happy to hear they can help your daughter by just removing the tonsils. Have a wonderful day!

    1. Thank you, Jossie! I do hope it's a big help for her!
      Have an awesome day, too!

  2. Gorgeous photos! She looks like she is having such a great time. I hope the surgey goes well and I'll be thinking of you guys on that day.

    1. Thank you, Ryan! I am definitely getting better at taking them. She does love her ballet practices! I do, too. I think it will be a good step for her and it should *knock on wood* be easy going and a good recovery!


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