Desert Challenge 2013 - What's YOUR excuse?

Don't EVER have a single excuse in this world to NOT get up and do SOMETHING. Your back hurts? Bah. You're tired? Bah. You have a headache? Get over it. Look at these photos and tell me if you can find an excuse... I know I can't.  I feel overly emotional looking at these pictures. I feel so empowered and energetic.  Arizona Disability Sports' Desert Challenge.  Ah-Freaking-Mazing.  I did not take any of these photos, the amazing photogs are credited in this album.  No this is not my album either but I wanted to share this with my amazing readers.  I plan to attend the next one.  Next year, I hope Emma will compete in the Special Olympics and maybe someday, The Desert Challenge! 

No Excuses, yo.

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