Tarte BB Cream Review

Tarte BB Cream Review

I am definitely NOT a beauty guru.  Not by ANY stretch of the imagination.  However, what I AM is a beauty hoarder.  Yes, I said HOARDER.  I will say that at least I hoard the good stuff.  I went insane when theBalm had their half off sale and I went crazy AGAIN, when they were on HauteLook.  What can I say? I love a good quality beauty product.  The funniest part of it all?  I didn't wear ANY makeup for three years and now I am going crazy.  

Speaking of crazy... I went bat$hit crazy for BB cream. I needed to try them ALL.  Yes.  ALL!!!   I read that BB cream is some kind of healing miracle and I went nuts.  Revlon's BB cream? TERRIBLE! My skin itched like it does with liquid foundation and it looked gray.  Then, I bought MISSHA's perfect cover and that was great but then... Heaven's Gates opened and the angels were singing.  Ok.  I will knock of the theatrics but Tarte's BB cream makes me a happy 30-something.  I love the silky feel.   I love how little it takes to cover my face. I am extremely fair with red undertones and I ordered the Fair shade. I love how lightweight it is on my skin, NO ITCHING or IRRITATION AT ALL!, and most of all, I love how even my skin looks without looking made up. I just look like I have decent skin. Let me add, I have pocks on my cheeks due to acne along with large pores (this aging process bites!) and this doesn't cover the flaws but it does minimize the look of both the scars and pores. I am starting to get lines by my eyes and again, this does not draw any attention to the lines. If I need to build on this, I can. If I have plans after work, I can easily have a flawless look by using Lancome's translucent mineral powder over it and I am very happy with how I look!

disclaimer: I bought this product out of my own pocket.  This review is mine and mine alone with no influence.  I am not getting paid for this review but if you click on the affiliate Amazon link above and purchase, I will make a small commission.  Please buy :)  It will pay for my way to the shaken baby syndrome conference.  

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