Monday Music: I Love the 90s

Last week's post about my being a teenager and turning into an adult in the 90s really inspired this week's music Mondays.

What I really love about the decade is that the music was fabulous across all the genres.

Tell me Friends in Low Places doesn't get you singing ridiculously and embarrassingly loud and I will call you a LIAR!!!

SWV, Xscape and En Vogue were killing it during the 1990s.  The R&B girl bands of the 90s brought vocals that could give you goosebumps.

My anthem?  These songs

Jade- Don't Walk Away

Zhane's Hey Mr. Dj

Xscape's entire album was played over and over until the cassette (I went there...) was eaten by the tape deck!

A guy wanting to swoon a girl? Boyz II Men, Keith Sweat and of course, Jodeci was put on a mixtape.

Don't lie and tell me you don't remember all the lyrics...

Now let's get to the Metal... the hard core metal.

If you don't know these guys, then you better walk on home, boy

Oh I haven't forgotten the alternative/punk/grunge folks.  Oh never.

I had better stop here or this post will be ridiculously long.

Share some songs you love from the 90s!

And.... GO!


  1. Awesome post! I was SUCH a huge Hole fan back in the '90s. I saw them at Lollapalooza and it was so amazing!! Think I'll go listen to them on Spotify now; nothing like a little angry chick music to make the day better.... ;)

    P.S. I'd love for you to check out my blog! :)

    1. Hi Caroline! Wasn't Courtney just badass back in those days? Eeks! I would love to have seen them live. Girl... get your grrrrrrrrrrrl music going! Haha


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