Murder, She Wrote Conspiracy

Did I tell you all that I am a huge fan of "Murder, She Wrote"?  Well.  I am.  I grew up watching JB Fletcher do her thang (I'm still convinced she was a black widow.  Everybody around her dies!) in Cabot Cove.  Her insight, her class, her mad detective skills outdoing the bumbling sherrif.  She was awesome! My mom and I would watch Murder, She Wrote every week!

Imagine my enjoyment that the entire series was on Netflix.

Imagine my disappointment when it suddenly disappeared.

Oh no.  It gets worse.  Yes, indeed. It can't be, you say? How much can it get?

Much worse, I assure you. 

See, I am a frugal girl.  I decided that I would buy the series, they're cheap, right? 

Well.  Well.  Well.  Who KNEW that so many others love JB and Cabot Cove?!  There's an upheaval on the internet over it getting yanked from Netflix.  It's going doooowwwwwnnnn.... Seriously, read the AVS forums, these people are ready to kick ass but don't even get the Jezebels started on this travesty.  Yes, folks, the internet is angry.  I am, too.  So, back to my point- not too long ago, Target had the dual packs of the series for $15.  Two seasons for $15! Sweet.  Well, folks, they're gone.  Not only that, the price has gone up!

Whyyyyy? What did I ever do to deserve this? Was it because I flipped off the jerk on the freeway who was driving slow because she was on her cell? Was it because I honked at the Prius driving 40 mph on the freeway in the FAST LANE? Was it because I was rude with an incompetent off-shored rep at an insurance company who couldn't read my appeal letter?


I will continue to stalk all my haunts (Ebay, Amazon, used book stores, etc.) for the seasons.  I refuse to pay more than $10 a season.  

I won't say no if somebody wants to gift me the series. 

Until then...


  1. I didn't know that they took Murder She Wrote off Netflix. My day is ruined.

    1. Riiiggghttt? Isn't this terrible? I was into season 8 when they ruined it all. Sigh. Terrible!!!!

  2. I love Murder, She Wrote! I used to watch that show with my grandmother. Every time I think of JB Fletcher it brings back fond memories of my grandma. I'm glad I at least watched the entire series on Netflix while it was still on there. It sucks that it's gone. Somebody should start a petition. It's seems to be the new thing now.

    1. There is a petition!

      I won't lie! I was crazy excited! LOL.

      It does suck. Makes me so sad. I am so glad you got to complete it!

  3. I think I've seen every episode of this show. It was one of the shows my grandmother and I could watch together, whether it was a re-run or not.

    Wow, this really dates us, doesn't it?

    1. LOL!!! I have no clue how I missed this!! Yes... it totally dates us but shhhhhh! Our secret, the Millicent and Hyacinth crew!


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