Guess Who is Baaaaacccckkkk?


Let me preface this, when "Friday" went viral, I got a kick out of it.  The singing wasn't good, the video was corny and the lyrics were hysterical.  HYSTERICAL!  There for awhile, my friend and I would text, IM or whatever each other on Fridays with "FRIDAY! FRIDAY! GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY! WIF MY FREEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNZZZZZZZZ"  Or something like that.

Now, you know she was all kinds of excited to make the video with her friends. Hell, I would be if I was 14.  Oh who the hell am I kidding, I would be right now at age... *it's impolite to reveal my age, fyi* Ha.

In case you've been under a rock for the last three years, have a gander at this.

Now, I can't sing.  At all.  Seriously.  However, I do get all into it and people seriously try to shut me up.  Even in this auto-tuned masterpiece, she sounds better than me.

Since Friday, she was bullied, had death threats, and had to leave school and start homeschooling.  Sadly, too many teenagers would have crumbled.  Shooooot, I would have.  Did Rebecca? Nope.  Homegirl was in Katy Perry's T.G.I.F video, has made some beaucoup cash (more than I earn...) and has had a good laugh at herself on Funny or Die.

In Friday:

Now she's back.  It's now SATURDAY!

Haha.  Homegirl even makes fun of Friday.  Is she the best singer? Nope.  Is she the worst? Nope.  I actually was pleasantly surprised when this started making the rounds on the net and although Saturday is cheesy (well, duh, it's the day after FRIDAY!), her covers are pretty dang good.  You know what? Get it, girl.  I wouldn't have the guts to get back out there.


I will admit, I love "Wrecking Ball" and I have to say, Rebecca's cover is pretty damn good.

However, this cover is my favorite.  Okay, not a cover but... a interpretation.  Oh and FYI, NSFW.  Don't blame me.  Blame the internet!

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