Monday Music: Black Friday Finds

Black Friday has come and gone.  Did you brave the insanity? Did you score any good deals? Share share!

Not I.  I don't do crowds.  I don't believe the sales are good enough to deal with the hoardes of people.  Noooo thank you.  I can get awesome deals online just fine.  I know some people like to do the Black Friday insanity because of the excitement but not me.  I have full blown panic attacks with the crowding and the massive amount of people.  Instead... I shop online.  I scored some amazing deals in music on Amazon!

Emma loves Katy Perry, so I purchased Prism for her.  I bought Jack Johnson's latest album and Arcade Fire's newest one, too.  The one thing I like about Amazon is that a lot of albums come with Autorip.  Autorip is the free mp3 file.  So, all weekend, my lazy self has been relaxing to new music and burning a candle.  It was nice.

I hooked up my old iPhone (I use it as an iPod) and listened to all three albums.  I must say, I am very much impressed with Katy Perry's new album.  I am not much of a fan of Roar but the rest? Pretty amazing.  

Jack Johnson's From Here to Now to You? Awesome.  Arcade Fire, as always, is amazing. Reflektor did not let me down!  I did also score Demi Lovato's album, Demi, and Avicii's album for a great price.  Those were just the digital albums but for only $1.99 each? Can't complain. 

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