3 Reasons to Prepare Your Own Taxes

3 reasons to prepare your own taxes

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Tax season is here. Yes, it is HERE. Just a few days until the April 15th deadline is here. Many people end up paying a tax professional to do their taxes because it's overwhelming or they think it's too difficult. I have been doing my own 1040A taxes on my own my entire adult life.  I don't mind taxes (I did get an undergrad in accounting) but I know that it can be overwhelming and cause a LOT of anxiety for many, many people.  A great online tax program like TaxAct can help walk you through the process to make it as painless as possible!  

3 Reasons to prepare your OWN taxes.


Did you know that most taxpayers can e-file their federal taxes for free? There are many great online programs from REPUTABLE companies like TaxAct that you can use that help you through the process.  They offer tax help, audit support, and even include simple and complex forms (if you have an LLC, are a landlord, etc.) with the free version.   Want to file your state taxes at the same time?  It's available, too! 

If you are self employed, keeping a spread sheet with income and expenses each month will save you a headache at the end of the year!


Filing taxes can definitely be overwhelming but if you are prepared, it can be a breeze.  Have your W-2s, 1099s, Social Security numbers and dates of birth for all dependents, any miscellaneous or business income, receipts tallied, etc. ready and it will be a breeze. 


As long as you have everything ready, preparing your taxes is lightening fast and since your e-filing, your filing reaches the IRS fast.  If you are getting a return, you can set up direct deposit.  Easy, piece of cake!

3 reasons to prepare your own taxes

I am not a tax specialist, so if you have any complex tax questions, you can call the IRS, an accountant or use the free help with TaxAct.

Have you filed your taxes yet?

Will you do them yourself or do you use a tax program?

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