This is my #BeautyStory. What is yours?

We all have a beauty story.  

Some of us have women in our lives who inspired us.  Maybe mom's morning makeup routine, big sister's hairstyles or an aunt's nightly beauty masks.  

For me, I was surrounded by women who I wanted to be like.  

They weren't supermodels.  They didn't have much money.  They worked hard and worked with their hands. 

My mother was low maintenance.  She wore moisturizer, a light foundation, blush and she always picked the perfect lipstick that really brought out her beauty.

My grandmother who volunteered at the senior center and she was always so polished.  She wore her skin cream, a little rouge, lipstick and pretty earrings.

My big sisters.  My sister Tina with the most awesome 80s hairstyles, my sister Stephanie with her beautiful and long blonde hair.  My sister Thereasa who is dedicated to skin care. 

Dove's latest campaign, #BeautyStory, is absolutely wonderful.  I went to Mom 2.0 Summit last month and Dove's beauty lounge and panels were amazing.  Molly Ringwald (Yes! THE Molly Ringwald) was a keynote speaker (see her talking about her beauty story here) and she is an absolute inspiration.  Dove had a wonderful self esteem panel with the Boys &Girls Club.  It was awesome.  They had beauty stations with stylists on hand to help you really feel beautiful. (Thanks, Dove! Embraced my curls!)

Dove's campaign, #BeautyStory, is absolutely inspiration.  You have GOT to see video here.  It is SO moving.

Dove gets it.  

Beauty comes from women who are real.  Women who are all around us, inspire us and embrace us. Women who come in all shapes, sizes and colors.  Women from all walks of life. 

We are all beautiful. 

Keep up with your own beauty traditions with help from Dove and CVS.

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