Review: Pumpkin Fest Adventure at Mortimer Farms

Review: Pumpkin Fest Adventure at Mortimer Farms

Two weeks ago, Emma and I had the opportunity to head a little north of Phoenix to Dewey-Humboldt, AZ to attend the Pumpkin Fest at Mortimer Farms and it was a blast.  When I was given the opportunity to go, I couldn't say no! I have been wanting to visit the farm for years and I am so glad we finally went.  Even though we received free entry in exchange for writing about the event, my thoughts are my own.

Review: Pumpkin Fest Adventure at Mortimer Farms

Dewey-Humboldt is a little over an hour north of Phoenix and makes for a nice day trip out of the city.   The Mortimer Family opened the farm in 2010 after the popular Young's Farm closed down farm operations and they have done a fantastic job of keeping the farm spirit alive in the area.  

Mortimer Family Farms boasts 300 acres of farmland.  They have two major annual events- the Sweet Corn Festival and the Pumpkin Fest.  They also offer turkeys for sale for Thanksgiving, a wonderful country store (Cherry Cider and Black Eyed Pea dip? Thank you very much!), and farm meat.  

Review: Pumpkin Fest Adventure at Mortimer Farms

Review: Pumpkin Fest Adventure at Mortimer Farms

When we first arrived, I wasn't aware that the festival was quite a bit deeper into the farm.   There were some swings, a country store, tons of pumpkins, a lovely garden, and chickens but... where was the event? 

We were first distracted by some very talented face painters and Em just HAD to become a very special character.

These ladies were so good! Em just kept giggling and it was hilarious but... introducing Bat-Fairy Girl.  Haha.  Cute, right?

The truth was... there was a good reason there were tractors pulling trailers for a hayride coming around often.  

The REAL event?  Much further back. 

Passing huge fields of pumpkins...

and a corn maze

to the Festival!

Live music, food, and many, many games and rides for little AND us big kids to enjoy.

Saturday nights there is a fun barn dance with live music.

Entry includes access to the fun games, rides, a pumpkin, the Saturday night barn dance and hay rides.   There was SO MUCH to do!  

Review: Pumpkin Fest Adventure at Mortimer Farms

There is also a haunted hayride in the evening!

It was worth driving to spend a day collecting memories.  We had a day full of fun.  The farm was brimming with families who also appeared to be having an amazing day.  Smiles were in abundance. 

I also spent a ton of money in the store.  haha. 

Review: Pumpkin Fest Adventure at Mortimer Farms

 I am a sucker for butters (Um, sweet potato pecan butter, anyone?), dips, pickled produce and ciders.

If you can get up there, GO.  Halloween is a week away and I am seriously thinking of heading up there for Halloween and doing the Haunted Hayride and the Barn Dance instead of trick or treating.    Definitely will become an annual family tradition for us!

Also, I am going to order my Thanksgiving turkey from them.  

Another reason to go?  This year, a portion of the profits made will be donated to Phoenix Children's Hospital.  As many of you are aware,  Phoenix Children's Hospital is where Emma stayed for two months following her traumatic brain injury.  They will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart and I am forever grateful for all they have done.  Anyway to keep them funded, I will always help.  

Visit Mortimer Family Farms for more information!

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