First I laughed and then I...

This post has been sponsored by Poise Impressa.  As always, my laughter and peeing issues are alllllll mine #TryImpressa

Last year, I whined about my weight.  Last month, I weighed myself and calculated my BMI. 


First I laughed. 

Then I peed.  

Then I cried.  

Then I cursed.  


At work.  Whoops.  

I raised my fist in the air like Billie Jean Davy (Please tell me you know the movie Legend of Billie Jean....) and said Fair is Fair! Although it didn't make sense but I decided that serious girl power was needed and that I was going to knock off the laziness and get myself healthier.  I am a realistic gal.  I am not going to go on some crazy, extreme diet.  Nope. Not me.  Instead, I am realistic.  I know I need baby steps.  

Over this past month, I started weaning off the sugary drinks (sugary iced coffees, sodas, etc.  I still treat myself once a week but it's better than drinking it daily).  I bought some good quality sneakers (trail running shoes are my favorite for my knees and back) and some fitness clothing (yay for fitting me!) and have been taking walks, doing some jumping jacks and some light strength training.   

A girl working on her fitness has to look good, right? 

These small changes HAVE been working because I have lost eight pounds and am now just in the overweight category.  *fist bump* 

Oh yeah.  About that peeing issue.  Well, we're all adults here and we all know what stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is like (especially those of us who have had children).  Start laughing, sneezing or coughing and helllooooooo, leakage.  Or, do some jumping jacks.  I dare ya.  Exactly- hello pee.  Those activities put pressure on the bladder and causes a little surprise.  /facepalm.  

Poise Impressa is awesome in that you run to Walmart to that aisle (You know WHICH aisle I am referring to!), grab a sizing kit and figure out which size fits (Start with Size 1) and then reclaim your freedom.  They are inserted like a tampon and easy peasy.   No liners to deal with!

Now, I can laugh, do jumping jacks and lower my BMI without some extra surprise that I can do without, heehee.  

I promise, it's not anything to be embarrassed about.  It's one of our lady tiger stripes, amiright?? 

Are you working on your weight and health? What steps are you taking? I'd love some ideas.

Do you experience Stress Urinary Incontinence?  Have you tried Poise Impressa?

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