Ideas To Reignite Relationships

Ideas To Reignite Relationships

Today’s post is sponsored by Fiera, but my love for their product is all my own!

Have you reached that stale point in a relationship? You know the point I am referring to- where it becomes comfortable, predictable and a bit... shall I say, boring? It doesn't mean the love is gone, it just means the spark has dwindled down to embers.   Regardless of how long you have been together, it's fun to just shake things up a bit and reignite those embers and get the sparks flying again.

Ideas to Reignite Relationships

Remember that fun date at the bookstore you both went to and found out you're both fans of Tolkien? Or that date where you went bowling and you beat him? Go there again! Go on a date with each other to the places that bring out those feelings of being alive, silly, fun and happy.  

2- Cook a special dinner.  TOGETHER.

There's nothing like creating something together and enjoying it.  There's something special about it and it brings a sense of togetherness with it.  Go ahead.  Make something fancy, unique, or out of your comfort zone.   

These Pork Tenderloin Sliders would fit the bill. 

3. Go on a weekend trip.  

Maybe a day trip, a staycation at a nice hotel- anything to get away.  

4.  Seduce your partner.

Sometimes, a seduction is just what the doctor ordered.  Be daring.  Be loving.  Feel sexy.  Put on the music, put on your favorite lingerie, perfume, heels, whatever- and lose your inhibitions! 

Sometimes, you might need a littttle help from a friend, named Fiera.  

Ideas To Reignite Relationships

What is Fiera?  Fiera is an arousal tool to help women get a little more... warmed up.

Fiera is NOT a toy, it's a tool.  A tool for couples to use together for "before-play".  It’s used for a few minutes prior to sex and then removed when she feels interested and physically aroused, and ready for a pleasurable sexual experience with her partner. Simply remove it when feeling warmed-up and in the mood. Fiera’s unique combination of gentle suction and stimulation increases the sensations of tingling and fullness that accompany sexual arousal.

Fiera was created with couples in mind. Together you’ll enjoy stronger intimacy and a revitalized sex life.  Fiera® is scientifically proven to enhance physical arousal and increase interest in sex.

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What tips do you have to reignite relationship sparks? 

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