Why healthcare is such a rewarding career

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Why healthcare is such a rewarding career

A few months ago, I shared a post about my job in the healthcare field (you can read it here).  I indicated in that post how I had always been in the healthcare field since my time as an American Red Cross Junior Volunteer.  

When I was planning to go to nursing school, I learned that my anxiety was paralyzing.  I knew that I could never be in a position of having somebody's life in my hands.   I ended up going another route in life for a few years.  I figured my dream of being in healthcare was over and went into account management/accounting and sales.  

When my daughter became hospitalized with a severe traumatic brain injury, I became unemployed because she would need round the clock care.  During her two month stay in the hospital, I formed relationships with the various healthcare staff that worked at our local children's hospitals.  I realized there was much more to healthcare than being a nurse or a doctor.  I met so many caring and amazing therapists (occupational, speech, physical, and recreational), unit secretaries, environmental staff, radiology technicians, medical assistants, volunteers, social workers, and more.  I was encouraged my many to seek out a career in healthcare once Em was stable enough for me to work.  

Why healthcare is such a rewarding career

With that, I returned to college to obtain a degree in Healthcare Administration.  I knew that after taking care of Em and her complex needs, I wanted to help people not in direct patient care but in other ways.  I was taught how to have a voice and become an advocate and I wanted to teach others.  

I have been a front office manager, I have been a biller and a surgery scheduler.  I have been on the customer service end of health care and I know that in one way or another, I can still help the people I care about on a daily basis.  I do not save lives but I encourage patients to speak up against their insurance companies and to use their voices and exercise their rights.   

Healthcare is such a rewarding career - in many ways.

Why healthcare is such a rewarding career

1.  Seeing the beauty of human fortitude and strength.  It amazes me how many people who go through major trauma with grace.  From the patient to their families to the health care staff- it's a trying time and when you see people at the end of the roller coaster ride.  It's all worth it.

2.  Knowing you have helped somebody.  Whether it's obtaining a prior authorization for surgery, finding funding from various organizations or getting a coupon for a medication- anything to help make another's life easier is a win.

3.  Surviving the day.  I won't lie.   It gets crazy.  When people are in pain, anxious, scared, frustrated- they can get mean and take it out on you.  It's hard to not take it personally but at the end of the day- I have to put myself in their shoes (and I do it often because I have been there) and remind myself "they're not mad at me- they just want help".  

4.  The people.  Patients, families, doctors, nurses, therapists, medical assistants, device representatives, insurance company reps, etc.- you get to meet so many amazing people.  The stories they tell! Being in Arizona, we have a lot of snowbirds who come down for the winter and so many of them are #LifeGoals.  They are so vibrant and fun and have lived some amazing lives with fabulous tales to tell!

5.  Getting to wear scrubs.   No lies.  Scrubs are awesome.  They are the most comfortable pieces of clothing ever.  Just saying.   

Why healthcare is such a rewarding career

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Do you work in the healthcare field? Or is it one of your goals to work in the field?


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