Upcoming Review! CSN Stores!

As many of you are aware, I adore CSN Stores! When they contacted me with offer to review another product of theirs, I couldn't say NO! They have over 200 stores and offer an insane amount of products and can always find something for everybody! It's amazing what they carry! You can buy anything from a set of chef knives, to a bookcase to even twin beds Speaking of twin beds, how adorable is this one?

I am in the market for a new bed frame for Emma and she loves pretty items!

I will keep it a surprise on what I plan to review so stay tuned for what is coming up!

disclaimer: CSN stores has provided me with a gift certificate to post an upcoming review of one of their products. That will not hinder my ability to be straight forward and honest with my review.


  1. If she doesn't like the bed, I'll take it :-)

    Have fun with your purchase/review!


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