Monday Music: Christopher Cross + Amateur Radio Operators

Do you ever get into those super lazy funks where it seems like it will steal your energy just to do some minute task?  That's how I've been for the last few weeks (hence the lack of posts).  I felt too lazy to turn on my computer.  Girl Scouts honor! I looked at my computer and said that's too much work! Haha.

Pure laziness.  Actually, I've been super zapped.  I hit a bit of a valley and it's taking everything I have to get back into the groove of things.  I feel terrible because I haven't shipped out the BB cream winner's package yet (Sorry!). I've been stressed, sick, and dealing with some money troubles but such is life.

I was reminiscing about my dad today.  He was a huge lover of boxing and radios.  I remember how exciting the boxing scene was in Southwest Kansas.  There were so many tournaments, matches and Tough Man competitions going on.  So much heart and excitement.  I believe the scene is pretty dead back there but a few of the fighters in the gym did go pro and there were some who had a great chance at going pro (my brothers being amongst them).  These guys had so much heart.  There were a few coaches in the area (my dad and a few others) and sadly, they're all either too old or have passed on.  My dad was a die hard Ham Radio operator.  He used to drag me along to the classes to test.  I hated it.  Back then, it was all about morse code and frankly, it did nothing for me. It never dawned on me until... well, Sunday night (literally, this Sunday night) why he dragged me there.  I never got my amateur radio operator's license because... well, I was a dumb kid who thought this was only for old fogies (Seriously, I was the only person under 50 attending).  My dad and mom noticed my obsession for music and deejaying.  My dad told me once (mind you, my father NEVER said any kind of positive affirmation to us.  He never really encouraged us unless you were one of the boys boxing, so this is huge) that I should get a job on the radio.  I pooh-poohed it and continued making mixing tapes.  I was also insanely obsessed with Christian Slater's Pump Up the Volume movie.   As you have seen via my Monday Music posts,  I have a wide range of musical tastes.  My music trivia knowledge is pretty good.  I am also a huge book nut.  I love a good book.  I also love sharing my thoughts and opinions on things I find.  I never realized that an Amateur radio can do many cool things- talk to astronauts, help in an emergency, and you can broadcast to other operators.  You just can't get paid for it.  Just thinking about maybe picking it back up and seeing if my brother kept my dad's equipment.  Might get a bit of a shout out for my dad and my mom out there in radioland.


For some reason the past two weeks, my music line up has been a bit... eclectic for my drive to and from work.  I am serious.  It's an odd mashup:  It was a Good Day by Dr. Dre, Juicy by Notorious B.I.G. and then... Christopher Cross. Cross my heart.  It's the truth!  No clue WHY I've made my playlist this way but it's allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll good, baby baby bay,,,

I am going to try something new, instead of Youtube, I'm trying Grooveshark.  Let me know if you prefer the Youtube vids over Grooveshark.

I love Christopher Cross' voice, he reminds me a lot of Michael McDonald but different but the same. Haha.

Think Of Laura by Christopher Cross on Grooveshark

Ride Like the Wind by Christopher Cross on Grooveshark

All Right (Album Version) by Christopher Cross on Grooveshark

All Right (Album Version) by Christopher Cross on Grooveshark

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