Monday Music: The Emmys and Some Blues...


The past week and a half I have been on a huge 70s Television kick.  When I was unemployed, I would watch Retro TV (or now called METV) every day! It was the best.  I would watch Ironside, Quincy ME, Adam-12 and other amazing gems every day.  I was so stuck in the 70s.  Oh hell, who am I kidding, I am stuck in the past.  No joke.  The one show that REALLY sucked me in was Quincy ME.  It was so cutting edge at the time.  The world of forensic science was becoming a big thing and it is amazing watching things develop in the police world thanks to forensics.  Just like Hill Street Blues gave birth to NYPD Blue, The Shield and other iconic police procedural shows, Quincy gave birth to shows such as CSI.  It's amazing.  Besides, I am such a sucker for the fashion, cars and interior design during those times.  Gorgeous.

It's kind of odd because I read about Jack Klugman's (Quincy) son upset about his father being left out of the Emmys.  I don't blame him.  His father was one of the most iconic actors and paved the way for the current stars.  I am going to voice an unpopular opinion but... people have said that Cory Monteith is relevant.  Jack still acted until 2010 (he was in Camera Obscura).  The man earned the respect and deserved to be mentioned.  He was on the big screen and television since the 1950s to 2010! I am not saying Cory didn't deserve a mention.  Not at all.  Cory is relevant to today's youth and was a great loss to Gleeks all over but... in 10 years, Glee won't be relevant.  I am not sure if Cory would have been able to move on from his role and we will never know.  I enjoy Glee but it's not a MUST see for me however, it is important to the fans and that is what is important.   I also think that Ebert should have been given a shout out BUT my only draw back to him was he was a reviewer and most focused on movies over TV but he was important.  Also, Larry Hageman should totally have been recognized.   Who DOESN'T remember "Who Shot JR?".

I won't say one loss is greater than another.  However, I think Emmy nominated and Emmy award winning stars should have been recognized along with pop culture stars.  Just my opinion.

I will post more of my thoughts on this later.  Hell, I might run a series on the great shows of the past... oooh! I think I will! Ha. *High Fives Self*  Oh and to get back on track, I have been watching Quincy ME for two days straight on Netflix streaming.  Go watch it.  I COMMAND YOU! Just kidding.  Seriously, watch it! It's fabulous!

Ahhhh... speaking of being on a kick, I have been on a serious, almost obsessive (see? addiction.  I am not being facetious when I say I have a bonafide addictive personality.  I become very obsessive with things and form addictions easily.  I have to be VERY careful.  I can't shop - hence, my current financial difficulties... and must maintain a lot of control.  It sucks. Ha) about Blues.  BLUUUUUUUUUUESS.

I've got the babysitting blues... remember that from Adventures in Babysitting? Love that movie.  So does my daughter.

Robert Cray Band.

I have always found Right Next Door to be an extremely sexy song.  His voice.  The guitar.  Pure perfection.  Of course, it is a song about cheating but... listen and enjoy.  Such an 80s vibe. Love it, right? Smoki

Smoking Gun is another amazing tune.  He just gets down on the guitar...

Another favorite Blues performer for me is Coco Montoya.  His voice.  My gods... his voice.

Listen to Forever:

Same Dog is a great jam:

The prodigy that is Joe Bonamassa (he has done amazing work with Beth Hart).. His guitar skills give me serious goosebumps.  Serious.

Speaking of Beth Hart:

I hope you enjoy these songs.  If you do and wish to buy, definitely click through my affiliate links below.  Pretty please :)  I am shameless, I know but I am trying to earn some Christmas Money

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  1. I have the blue blues! hahaha! I just spent an entire weekend blues dancing. Low cost, friendly, great music, and dancing. Maybe that could take your blues away? I'm not sure about the babysitting though....;-)

    1. Haha! Awesome! I bet you had a BLAST!!!!!

      Haha... babysitting blues are the WORST! LOL

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