Hump Day Music: Good bye, Harold Ramis

As I am sure you have heard, Harold Ramis passed away on Monday.  He was a well known and loved comedy actor who was best known for his role as the uber hot and nerdy, Egon Spengler on Ghostbusters.
 I loved his acting and he also directed many well known comedies (i.e., National Lampoon's Vacation among many others).  His passing hit hard to his many fans and I am one of them.  I am a die-hard movie, TV and music fan.  These people bring entertainment into our lives in the form of an escape, it may seem silly to be heartbroken over the passing of a person I do not know but I am.

THIS sums it up:

So, in honor of Harold Ramis and his making his mark in the world of feel good comedy, I bring to you...

*drum roll*


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